Dorrell on Practice Tuesday

After practice on Tuesday, Karl Dorrell went over a long list of guys with injury issues, including Ben Olson, Patrick Cowan, Marcus Everett, Nikola Dragovic, and Michael Pitre. He also talked about some other guys getting their chance this weekend...

What's the situation with Ben Olson?

"Ben has a headache. He's had this headache since Saturday night. He feels better today, but the doctors want him to stay out another day."

Is it a concussion?

"That's not what I anticipate it being, we just want to be smart. We've had a rash of concussions recently, so we just want to keep him out for precautionary reasons."

Will he play Saturday?

"We'll see."

If he doesn't, will Pat Cowan play?

"Pat has a chance to play. Macleod Bethel-Thompson has a chance to play. We'll get them both ready. Pat did a lot today. We'll see how he responds with his hamstring, but he did a lot of work. He looked good. So we're getting ready to play. So we'll have a quarterback in there, just can't tell you who now."

Does Ben need to practice tomorrow to play on Saturday?

"He's been in on meetings and he's watched everything today. It'd be nice if he could do things tomorrow, but I don't have a crystal ball. We'll just have to see what happens tomorrow when tomorrow comes. Hopefully he'll be ready to go, but if he's not we'll keep working with Pat and Mac. Almost sounds like Pacman. Pat, and Mac…

You guys gotta lighten up."

What's the status of Nikola Dragovic?
"He wasn't feeling better yesterday. He didn't feel good."

If Ben can't practice by Thursday will he be out for Saturday?

"Yeah, I would say that's right. We've have to do what's smart.

"There's a lot of things I'm concerned with right now. This was one of our better Tuesdays, and that's progress. Hope we follow it up with another good one tomorrow."

What were the MRI results on Marcus  Everett?

"It's negative. It looks like he's not likely to play. He's in crutches and it's still really tender. It doesn't have a lot of swelling, but it's pretty tender."

Is this a big chance for Osaar Rasshan?

"Yeah, he's excited to be the third guy, the third x in the game. He got a chance to make some plays today, and he's excited for the chance to get in the fold. I tell all these guys you have to be ready for any circumstance during the season, and the time has come for him to get his chance to make some plays.

"It would be good to see him in a role like this. He's waited a couple years to get on the field. For him to do something for us would be a really positive thing. I don't know what he would do with the ball in his hands. I wonder what he's going to do with the ball in his hands, I hope he doesn't run the wrong way, but I don't think he will. It's a little different for him, but he'll get used to it."

What's the status of Michael Pitre?

"He (got some individual work). The doctor cleared him to do some light stuff on the side, but he is still a long way from doing anything. And no pads on. I think he can progress more for him doing some individual things this week and hopefully get him in pads by next week."

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