Irvin: 'It's All About This Week"

P.J. Irvin, the senior offensive lineman who has been a back-up his entire UCLA career, talked about starting this weekend against Washington in place of the injured Shannon Tevaga at left guard...

We interviewed senior offensive lineman P.J. Irvin, who will step into the starting spot at left guard this Saturday with the injury to Shannon Tevaga.

How's the transition to starter working?

"It's pretty fun. It's really fun working with the ones and getting that experience so that I can help the team."

Coming in as a freshman, people didn't think you would contribute much. How nice is it now that you're going to be starting for at least one game?

"It's just a dream come true, my senior season, starting and just getting the reps. Just getting to play in the Rose bowl is a great experience for me."

How do you guys improve from your showing in the last game?

"We're always trying to get better, we don't look to the past, we're always trying to get better and just succeed with what we do."

You guys had a lot of issues with pass protection as well as run-blocking. What specifically are you doing to improve?

"We're not really worried about last the game, we're just making sure our practice is perfect, and that our game plan is perfect. We're studying film, and we'll get it done."

How was practice today compared to last week?

"Practice was a lot better today. People were flying around, making plays, it was a very fun day today. Good day to be a Bruin."

What did the coaches say to you after Saturday's game?

"I don't even know. I don't remember. I don't remember anything that happened. It's all about this week."

Do you feel fully prepared to start in Shannon's place for a few games?

"During camp he was a little bit hurt, too, so I got to run with the one's almost all through camp so I'm really good friends with all of the offensive linemen and they helped me get into the groove of things, so I'm good to go."

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