Dorrell Video and Practice Notes

Head Coach Karl Dorrell talked Wednesday about today's practice session, preparing for Washington, discussing the performance of the probable starter at quarterback, and two other new starters this week...

The team practiced in shoulder pads and shorts, as is the routine for Wednesdays.

The offense, which is usually in white, has worn blue this week, with the defense in white.

Besides the known injured veterans, there are three significant true freshman injured. Of course, running back Raymond Carter is recovering from his ACL surgery. Glenn Love also underwent surgery on his hip recently and is on crutches. Akeem Ayers has a sprained knee and is in a brace.

Freshman Brian Price returned to practice this week and has looked fairly good in the one-on-ones. Wednesday he struggled a bit, but definitely showed a very good quickness off the line. He was constantly getting instruction from DL coach Todd Howard and some pointers from D-tackle Kevin Brown. It wouldn't be unexpected for Price to see some time against Washington, even perhaps 20 snaps or so.

Curiously, he was wearing the #59 on his back and #95 on his chest.

Darius Savage has been working with the defensive tackles recently. He had made a switch to offensive line from defensive tackle a couple of weeks ago.

More on practice from Head Coach Karl Dorrell:

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