Dorrell After Tuesday's Practice

Head Coach Karl Dorrell talked about the first day of installing the game plan for Oregon State, how Ben Olson looked his first day back, whether fullback Michael Pitre could return, and more...

Karl Dorrell's opening statement:

"Good practice today. I like our focus right now. Everybody's kind of chirping and getting on each other, which is good. We're trying to improve. That's the best thing. Guys are working hard. I see leadership stepping up. Guys are getting after each other some. That's a good thing. That's what you want, guys hungry to improve. As for Tuesday, with our first day of installation, it's never pretty. Trevor Theriot dropped the same pass twice today, which is never pretty, but at least the play works. Hopefully we'll get it done."

Shouldn't he be getting punished and rolling up and down the field right now?

"Tuesday's the hardest day. It's the first time they're seeing things, but if he does it tomorrow there might be something different. I was really encouraged by how hard everyone was playing. It was good to see our efforts are up there. This is a good team that plays really well at home, and we're going to have to play really well to get the job done."

Ben Olson's first day seemed like it took him a while to get in rhythm?

"A lot of stuff we did today was a lot of new plays. I thought he played pretty well. He threw the ball pretty well, but we've got receivers out there not running the right depths. When you have new plays going in in your game plan, the first day's a little rough. The receivers have to do their jobs today. But it's the first day. Those are things that you can fix in a hurry now that they've done it. But everyone's effort's really good, so I was pleased with that."

Any chance that Michael Pitre plays this week?

"He wants to. He feels good. He feels like he could play. I told him that I need to make sure from a doctor's standpoint that they give him clearance. His doctor needs to clear him, and according to him, his doctor has cleared him."

Is he good at forging names (on the clearance papers)?

"I don't know. I don't know, but he wants to get on the field and we'll see what he can do. It's kind of early yet. It's his first day of practice, but we'll see how he feels tomorrow. If he can play, there's a possibility he might."

How important is it to have an established fullback in there, and how much more can you do with a guy like Mike?

"It's important to have veteran players who can play and understand your offense. And Mike, he hasn't played, though. How many weeks of practice has he missed? He's still gotta shake the cobwebs and kind of get back with his timing and playing, so that's why I'm a little like, oh, I'm excited about you, but he needs to go through some practices to show he's ready and capable of playing like everyone else. It is a positive sign. It's always great to get some of those guys back on offense or defense. It was good to see Nikola Dragovic back fresh legs and all, and Aaron Whittington, and how helpful that'll be for our defense. Once we get our guys back completely, it'll definitely help our team."

Oregon State throws a lot of picks. Why do you think so?

 "I hope they do. It's just a lot of inexperience. He's gotten better. There's always just a little bit of that when you've got a first-year guy playing. You know, Ben has had his struggles. It just shows that when you haven't played so much, you kind of got to get yourself more reps and more plays. We're hopeful for Ben to have a good game for us. We're going to need him to play well. We're going to need to do our jobs against them when the opportunity presents themselves."

What was different or better about your run blocking against Washington?

"Just execution. We didn't really change much. That's really what you have to work on in practice, doing your fundamentals better and targeting better."

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