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The defensive line has some changes and new starters; UCLA's personal fouls against Oregon State were retaliatory, and UCLA's statistics jump up as a result of the Beaver game...

Defensive Line Changes: Rod Leisle is out for the Oregon game. He'll undergo an operation today, having a screw inserted into his broken foot. He could be out for 5 or six weeks, which would force him to miss a good portion of the season. The bad: Of course, it's a blow when you lose your most highly-regarded defensive lineman. The good: The word around the program is that Leisle was going to opt to go pro after this season (he's a junior), but if he misses half the season he would most likely return for his senior season. Head Coach Bob Toledo said that the defense will miss Leisle's pass-rushing ability the most. "I think we'll play pretty good run defense," Toledo said. "But he is such a force as a pass rusher, and when he went out Saturday, that really affected us."

Dave Ball will be suspended for the first half of the Oregon game as a result of being ejected from the Oregon State game.

Junior defensive tackle Ryan Boschetti will start in place of Leisle, and Asi Faoa will start in place of Ball, both getting the first starts of their careers. It will also be interesting to see how the quicker and faster Boschetti and Faoa impact the defensive line's play.

Captains for the Oregon Game:

Bryce Bohlander. Toledo cited how well Bohlander played against Oregon State, and the fact that he's from Oregon; Ricky Manning, based on his performance against Oregon State in which he intercepted a pass and returned it for a touchdown; Cory Paus, coming off the best day of his career; and Marcus Reese, who the coaches voted the Defensive Player of the Game against Oregon State.

There were three Offensive Players of the Game named, which is a first for Toledo: Cory Paus ("He was sensational. After watching the film, he was even better than watching him during the game"), Tyler Ebell ("To get an opportunity like he did and in three quarters to rush for over 200 yards is a fantastic job"), and Tab Perry ("He had his career-best game and had a huge game for us").

Special Teams Player of the Game: Nate Fikse.

Marcus Reese was named the Pac-10 Defensive Player of the Week. According to Toledo, Reese, who sprained an ankle against Oregon State, is fine. When asked if Reese, for whatever reason, had his time playing time limited against Oregon, whether Justin London might see an increased amount of reps over Dennis Link, Toledo said, "Link would be next up, but I'd say they would both have an opportunity to play."

Cheap shots: There were claims that the personal fouls against Mike Saffer and Dave Ball were retaliatory responses to cheap shots on the part of Oregon State. It was asserted that Mike Saffer, who was nursing a broken rib, was repeatedly punched in the ribs when he was down, and Dave Ball was punched in the groin. Toledo said, "Unfortunately you have to take those hits and you can't hit back. If you hit back, they see you, and that's what happened in that game."

Keith Carter will continue to see time at fullback and H-back. Toledo said, "He did a nice job there."

Significant Stats:

-- UCLA jumped up to third in the Pac-10 in total offense, and 21st in the nation, now averaging 429.4 yards a game.

-- UCLA retained its spot as the #1 rushing team in the Pac-10, averaging 173.2 yards a game. Oregon is second, averaging 168.4.

-- Cory Paus is sixth in the Pac-10 in passing efficiency (145), and is 25th in the nation.

-- UCLA is tied for 7th in turnover margin in the nation (1.8).

-- UCLA is second in the Pac-10 in pass efficiency defense (95.37 rating), and ranked 13th in the nation.

-- UCLA is second in least amount of yardage given up as a result of penalties in the Pac-10 (49.4).

-- UCLA is second in the Pac-10 in time of possession, averaging 33:45 a game.

-- Nate Fikse leads the Pac-10 in punting, averaging 44.2 yards per punt.

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