Dorrell On Tuesday's Practice

Head Coach Karl Dorrell talked about the injured, most notably running back Chris Markey and offensive guard Shannon Tevaga. He also talked about the installation of the game plan, and the situation with Notre Dame's quarterback position...

Karl Dorrell commented after practice.

"We're trying to get better. As you see, we're working on when a guy jumps offsides or so we're doing a little extra. So we got to do whatever it takes for us to do those things. We're working really hard and trying to be really detailed. For a Tuesday, for the first day of a lot of information, they handled it just like they normally do on a Tuesday and it usually gets better on Wednesday and then sharper on Thursday and they're ready to go by the end of the week. It was a good day today. There's definitely some excitement in the air about playing again for an opportunity this week. And we'll be ready to go."

Have you gained any clarity on who's going to play quarterback for Note Dame?

"I'm really not as concerned about that as you guys. I think, maybe, it looks like, if Jimmy Clausen's available to play, he'll be the starter. I think Evan Sharpley will play as well, if not. We're preparing for both. We'll expect one of those two to come out."

Charlie Weis has been saying this week that there's not much difference between the two quarterbacks...

"Well, he would know more. We saw Sharpley for a larger extent this past week, and that's really the only extended time we've seen him. He looks like a talented player. Both of them are talented players. They're both young, learning their offense and getting more experience. I think both of them have I'm sure the physical qualities of what it takes to play the position and play it well."

Shannon Tevaga looked like he got some reps in there today...

"Yeah, he's coming around. We wanted him to get some reps and he was able to do some today. We'll see how things respond tomorrow. He's pretty optimistic and he feels good, but we'll just see how the week goes for him. MIchael Pitre was sore. He did the running early in the week and everything with our conditioning and got a little bit sore and his knee swelled up a little bit, so we decided not to practice him today to try to get the swelling to go down a little bit so he can do something tomorrow. Chris Markey feels better. He's walking around in his boot, but he feels better. The swelling has gone down, too. We're going to wait until a little later in the week before getting him going again."

With all the troubles they've had, do you think they're getting better week to week?

"We were similar to that last year when we had a four-game losing streak.  What you do is just keep fighting and try to get better and stay together as a team. I'm sure Coach Weis, with his experience, has been in this kind of situation before. You just keep working on your fundamentals and get better and better. They're a good football team, I don't believe their record. They're better than their record. We're going to have to continue to improve and play the type of game that's necessary for us…that we've been playing the last couple of weeks."

Kahlil Bell was wearing a red, no-hit shirty today...

"He's sore and has a bruised shoulder, but he should be fine."

You expect Markey to be ready?

"I'd say it's 50/50."

Is it too early to decide where those reps will go?

"Yeah, it's Tuesday. He should feel much better tomorrow, and start on some medication that should alleviate some of the swelling."

How's Kyle Bosworth doing at linebacker?

"He's doing really well. He's done two things really well. Special teams wise, he was our special teams player of the game for us this week. Had a lot of tackles on special teams. And then on defense he played most of the base snaps of the game. He did a great job. He's not picture perfect. He's eliminated most of his mistakes,  because he playing a lot."

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