Tevaga: "I Feel Good. I Feel Strong"

The senior offensive guard, Shannon Tevaga, has missed two games due to an injury to his knee, but he's practicing this week with the intention of playing against Notre Dame. We talked to him about it and getting revenge on the Irish...

Shannon Tevaga, the senior offensive guard who has been out for two games with a partially torn ligament in his right knee, talked to us Tuesday.

How'd you feel out there today?

"I felt good. Limited reps, so I was cool."

It wasn't your false start that made the up downs?

"No, no, not at all. It was the ones, they were tired out there. I'm with the twos and we're chill."

What do you think about playing Saturday?

"It's up to the coaches. I feel good. I feel healthy. I feel strong. I had my time in the weight room during my off-season, my little break, vacation and all that. My rehab is making my knee stronger actually. I'm feeling good."

You feel limited at all?

"No, no, I asked coach if I could get more reps and he said, 'Let's just do this for today, look at film, and see what happens tomorrow.'"

You guys have a bye after this week. Wouldn't it make more sense not to play this week?

"No, I really want to play this game. If you can't get yourself ready to play against Notre Dame, you might as well not play football. Especially after what happened last year. I still have the nasty taste in my mouth about last year and how that went down. I really want to play this game."

How do you think P.J. Irvin has done in your absence?

"He's done great, man. Unbelievable. It's going to be a real fight to get my start back, given how he's playing. We'll see what happens. Not just P.J., but Micah Reed, too. Those two have been out there battling, they've done good and I'm really proud of them."

With how the running game's looked since you've been out, do you get excited about how it's going to look when you get back?

"You're excited. Watching them run for that many yards, you get excited. I just want to get back out there and do what we do."

Were you itching to go up against the Oregon State run defense?

"I was trying really hard to get back by Oregon State but my knee just wouldn't let me. I was out here doing field drills, but it just wouldn't happen."

With Notre Dame 0-5, and given the history from last year, do you see them as ripe for the picking?

"I'd rather play an undefeated team. They (Notre Dame) have nothing to lose. Just like the Utah team, they'll throw everything possible out there. We should go out there and play like we play, and take it serious."

Against 0-2 Utah, you guys had issues taking it seriously. Against 0-5 Notre Dame, is it easier because of last year?

"Yeah, definitely. Me, and I know the whole team, when we looked at the film, that room was silent with anger. You don't understand, I'm getting mad right now. It's not a good feeling."

When did you watch the film?

"Today. We didn't want to see it, but it made us stronger and more angry. It's good that we're taking this serious. After last year, man, I'm so frustrated about last year."

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