Colorado Receiver Has Four Faves

The wide receiver prospect from Colorado, Stephone Robinson, said he currently has four favorites and has set up a couple of official visits...

Stephone Robinson, 5-10, 180, Denver (Col.) Mullen, is one of the best players in the Midlands region. Quick and speedy (he said he ran a 4.4 when he was injured), Robinson caught 73 passes for 1293 yards as a junior. In his senior season so far he has had to sit out the last two games because of a sprained ankle, but in his first three games caught 12 passes for 271 yards.

Robinson said he has a solid four favorite schools that he's considering right now. "Oregon, UCLA, Colorado and Oklahoma are my favorites right now," Robinson said. "I don't have a favorite and I'm really wide open." Robinson said he's also considering USC and San Diego State.

Robinson talked about which schools had offered him. "Oregon has. USC said they were going to . Oklahoma was supposed to call back and offer. UCLA has been talking to me about it."

To date, he has official visits set up to visit Oregon December 6th, and San Diego State December 13th. When asked if he'd visit the other schools in California he's considering, Robinson said, "I don't really want to go to that many schools in California on a trip. Id probably like to go somewhere else for a visit. I guess I'd probably like to visit one among UCLA or USC. It would depend on who offers and who sounds more interested, then probably I'd just take one. If both were very interested, I'd have to think about taking trips to both." Robinson said he's pretty familiar with the Los Angeles area, having many relatives that live near both UCLA and USC. When asked if that was the reason he had UCLA in his top four, Robinson said, "No, I just really like the school."

Robinson intends to take all five of his visits before deciding and wants to get in all of the trips before the end of December.

Robinson, who said he has a 3.6 GPA and scored an 1180 on his SAT, said that academics are a big factor in his decision. "I want to go to a school that's prestigious academically. Where it shows up well on a resume."

The type of offense the team runs will also be a big factor, and distance from home won't be a big consideration. "I'll go far away to school, that doesn't matter," Robinson said. "I just want to get into a good-passing offfense. One that's really pass-oriented. Then the rest of the environment – the area, the people and the coaches."

Robinson has been watching the college football season, but doesn't believe that the performance this year of the various schools he's considering will impact his decision much. "I look at it like the people who are there won't really be there when I'm there. I do want to watch how the teams do in bowl games. I want to go to a team with a strong bowl tradition."

Robinson said he expects to wait until he takes all five of his trips before making a decision. ‘I want to make sure I see all of the schools," he said. "If that takes a long time, then I'll take a long time deciding. I'll probably wait until the end so I have enough time to visit and see all the schools."

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