Seidman's Been Waiting

After four years, senior tight end Mike Seidman is now a bonafide star on the football team, and he's been waiting patiently for it to happen...

You said that you've been waiting for four years to have a game like the ones you've had recently. It must feel good to have finally accomplished it...

"I wouldn't say waiting, but I was prepared every game, and hoping to have a game like I've had lately. It just took four years to get it, I guess. It felt good. It felt real good to get out there and be such a big impact on the game and showcase my stuff. I have been waiting to do that. Getting the ball in the open field, getting to do some deep balls, and showing my speed, everything's worked out great."

Why do you think it's taken this long?

"Different things. First you just have to wait your turn, is what I've kind of learned. The coaches always knew it was there I think, I just didn't know that they knew to the extent of what I was able to do, since they had never really seen me in a game make plays like this. It's like you never believe it until you see it."

It's not as if in the past they weren't looking to throw to you, so is some of it just random luck?

"Definitely. It's all in the way defenses line up, the way Cory [Paus] makes his read, if he even looks my way, or if he does and throws it and you happen to slip. There are a lot of factors, and some luck involved in it."

When you caught that post for a touchdown against San Diego State and you were so wide open. Is it harder to catch the ball when you're wide open? Are you thinking more about just hanging onto the ball?

"I was more thinking that I'd better not get caught from behind on TV. That's what I was thinking. I'm usually so focused that I'm not usually thinking about anything. You're just focused on catching the ball and scoring."

Cory Paus has been your quarterback for the four years you've been here. Has working together for so long helped, and has it improved this year?

"I think the rhythm between us has improved. It's definitely better. We've always been on. Every time he threw to me last year it was a really big play. It's just this year, a new year, we don't have the weapons we did last year, so he's kind of coming to me a lot more. He has a lot more confidence in me. He's one of my good friends, and I'm glad he could be my quarterback for four years. It's better than having a quarterback for two years and then another, new guy comes in. I'm glad I've had the same guy, who was one of my good friends, be the quarterback while I was here."

Being good friends, do you think that helps on the field?

"Sure. We know each other, and we're on the same page and know that we're working toward the same thing."

Are you anticipating more double teams now that you've had a couple of big games?

"They're there, but I'm not going to worry. I'm still going to get open. I'll find a little hole somewhere."

How have you accepted the leadership role as a senior?

"I like the role. It's not something I asked for, or they came to me and said, ‘You need to be a leader.' I just think my approach to leadership is to go out and do what I'm supposed to do, and if people see me doing it to the best of my ability, they'll hopefully recognize it and go out and do what they're supposed to do to the best of their ability. I'm not a rah-rah guy, but a lead-by-example guy. I'll talk to the guys but I just think I try to do my thing and hopefully others will see it."

It seems like you just got to UCLA. Has it seemed like a fast four years to you?

"It went by real fast. Without a redshirt year, it seems fast. Many of the guys I came in with have another year."

Are you thinking at all about the NFL?

"Whenever that happens, it happens. Right now I want to stay focused on these upcoming games. And then to get into a nice bowl game hopefully."

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