Dorrell On Tuesday's Practice

Tuesday's practice was at 6:00 a.m., and Karl Dorrell talked about it afterward, the state of the quarterbacks and the other injured, what they plan to do in the bye week, and more...

We reported yesterday that UCLA quarterback Ben Olson has a partial tear of the lateral collateral ligament in his left knee. As a precaution, Olson will have an arthroscopy on his left knee on Tuesday (today) to check for a possible tear of the lateral meniscus (cartilage). An estimate on his return will not be known until after the procedure.

Karl Dorrell spoke after Tuesday morning's early practice.

"Good practice. Nice and crisp, short, fundamentals. It was good."

It's kind of early, though, huh?

"I tell you what, I like it. I think some of the players like it, we'll see. But, you know, we talked about this before way back in the summer trying to find an opportune time given their other scheduling with school and academics and tutors and all the things that they do, when would be the opportune time when they don't have such a long day. This is a week to kind of explore it and see if it's going to work out in this future. I know in spring practice, I thought about that in spring practice in the morning, too, just to see how that fits in their schedules. So this is a week where we decided to give it a shot. And it was something we discussed way, way back before and kind of targeted this week to do it. So we'll see what it looks like with the rest of the schedule. So that's really all the important news."

If Patrick Cowan can't go, what other options are you looking at (for Cal)?

"We're looking at all of our options. You know Pat, obviously, is one of our options. If we can get him healthy. Keep bring McLeod Bethel-Thompson along and get him better. We're using Chris Forcier to get him a chance to get some reps and get him better. We're giving Osaar Rasshan some reps in there too, so we're using every resource we have in trying to use this week to get guys ready to play. That about covers it. We're going to try to do plan A, B C and D and try to get that done. We're going to try to get some looks at that this week and going into game week hopefully we have a better solution as to what step to go from there."

Is two weeks enough time to get someone like Osaar or Forcier up to speed?

"They can know a portion of the things we do. I don't know if two weeks is enough to do everything that we would want to do. But we can do a lot in two weeks. We can get a guy ready to play and do a lot the right things for our offense and play better and improve. And we'll work hard on doing that as coaches."

Talk about what you saw out of the quarterbacks today:

"It was good to get them some reps today. It was good to get them some seven-on-seven reps and some team reps. We'll watch the tape and keep going as we move along. It was the first day, so we just came out and practiced. We didn't meet yet, we'll meet this afternoon. We'll get a chance to get better as this week works its way through it. But I was encouraged. Everybody was working hard and trying to do all the right things, and that's a good start."

Did Osaar look like he'd picked up where he left off?

"It's still too early to say. We're going to keep working through it. We're going to keep working through it. We'll just keep working, guys. That's what this week's for. It's hard to say any kind of assessment after day one without any kind of meeting time or anything. We're going to meet this afternoon and we ought to get better as the week progresses."

Talk about what Pat did today:

"Pat wasn't supposed to do anything today. A little bit of light throwing early in the individual session. And then he did some conditioning and that was all. He's not going to do much this week. We're going to try to get him to heal up and not put him in any team or seven-on-seven or things like that. We're just going to try to get him to where he can be as physically ready as he can. Just take it day by day."

How's the injury situation beyond the quarterbacks?

"We got nicked pretty good. We've got a couple of linebackers who are down. Probably more significantly that we found is Shawn Oatis had a concussion, but now those things have been subsided. Now he has a neck sprain, that has a small little fracture on the outside of one of his vertebrae. It's not threatening on the spinal column but it is something that's going to take some healing time. And then the other one -- John Hale has a concussion and no other symptoms other than trying to get that alleviated. And get him back in to play as soon as we can."

Could Oatis be a season-ending injury?

"It's going to be some time. I don't know about a definite time frame. I know it's at least weeks away before he's going to have any contact so we'll see."

Reggie Carter, who is getting his knee scoped with a torn meniscus...will he be ready for Cal?

"Fingers are crossed for that. We're hoping it's something that's really minor. We won't know until this afternoon when we get the results. Something that was decided late yesterday, and was probably the best thing for him to do and us to do for him to get back as quickly as he can with him being in pretty good health."

Could you tell how much pain he was in playing, or does it not show up on film?

"He's a tough kid. I think he would play with his leg broken off if it was up to him. He has an unbelievable pain tolerance and he loves the game. That's why he's such a special player. Knowing him, I know his rehab is going to be a lot quicker than most people because he's a tough kid."  

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