Cowan Talks About His Status

The junior quarterback, Patrick Cowan, has been out for two games with an injured knee and Tuesday at practice he sketchily answered questions about the status of his injury and possibly returning in time for the Cal game...

The status of quarterback Patrick Cowan, who has missed the last two games after suffering a partial tear of the medial collateral ligament in his right knee, is still uncertain.

He spoke to us after Tuesday's morning practice.

I thought you'd be running around, doing backflips...

"I did do backflips. You should have got out there at 4:30 a.m. like us."

Does the knee feel better?

"Yes it does feel better."

To what level?


Can you play?

"We'll find out."

Will you be given the opportunity to play?

"That's a good question. Will I be given the opportunity to play? I feel that if I'm able to play, I feel I will be given the opportunity to play."

What have you done physically?

"I've walked pretty good. I've done more stuff than when I hurt myself originally, getting better."

I hope you're not getting worse...

"That's right."

Are you 70%, 80%?

"Now I'm going to bring this back to when I hurt my hamstring. On what scale are you talking about?"

On 100% being healthy.

"I can't give you a number. I couldn't give you a number. But it's a better number than it was yesterday, which is good."

Are you going to play or not?

"Only time will tell. I don't know yet. We'll find out."

With the way you're progressing, do you think with another week and a half you'll be ready to play?

"Possibly. I'm not going to give you a straight answer. I'm not really sure yet. I've been getting better every day."

By the time you get back you'll have practiced, what? A week in two months?  So in this offense, which is so complex, how can a quarterback be successful with just a week of practice in two months?

"That's a very good questions. Physically I haven't practiced for two months. I've studied. And I've also been in this offense for going on my fourth year. Understanding the offense, I feel I do well. But physically I haven't practiced. It's just a different kind of practice."

How can you maintain timing with limited amount of reps on the field?

"I guess we'll just find out."

Yes, but what can you do? What have you done?

"Just throwing, taking snaps after practice. Just doing what I can."

Just playing catch or running routes?

"You just gotta do what you can."

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