VIDEO: Howland at Media Day

Head Coach Ben Howland talks at UCLA Basketball Media Day, about the 2007-2008 season, Kevin Love, the returning veterans, a player he thinks will surprise some people, the Pac-10, and more...

There are a few notes from UCLA Basketball Media Day, other than what Head Coach Ben Howland covers in the video interview below.

Josh Shipp looks to be in good shape and said he's feeling good.

Lorenzo Mata-Real said his ankle is still a little tender.

James Keefe, Kevin Love & Lorenzo Mata-Real.
Mike Roll has turf toes on both big toes. Roll suffered it two weeks ago and it's limiting his ability to play at this time.

Nikola Dragovic, in the off-season, had two hernia surgeries back home in Europe and he is still not 100%.

Kevin Love looked trimmer and in better shape than he did in high school.

UCLA unveiled their new jersey, which has a gold "C" to commemorate UCLA's 100 National Championships. I heard, however, that the "C" will be changed from the plain gold to make it stand out better on the uniform.

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