Bethel-Thompson and Rasshan Speak

The two young quarterbacks both talked after practice Tuesday. McLeod Bethel-Thompson spoke of the Notre Dame game and learning from it, and Osaar Rasshan talked about returning to the quarterback position from receiver...

Osaar Rasshan spoke after practice Tuesday:

Is it better catching the ball or throwing the ball?


Is stuff coming back to you pretty good at quarterback?

"Definitely, I've been doing this my whole life. Just getting back into it with reps and getting back to it as quick as possible."

How do you think your first day back went?

"I think it went well. I'm just trying to improve every day, that's my goal."

How rusty did you feel?

"Not as rusty as I thought. I got out yesterday and threw a little with Brandon Breazell. I felt well, I felt like I'd been doing it for a while. It felt like the first day of camp."

Do you know what your role is going to be the next week or two?


Is this something where you're going to stay at quarterback the rest of the season or would you possibly move back to receiver?

"Are you asking me what I'd like to do?"

Both what you'd like to do and what you think you'll do.

"I definitely would like to stay at quarterback. I think that's the head man's decision, but I definitely would like to stay at quarterback. I believe ultimately I have to sit down and talk to coach."

So how do you keep from kicking yourself over the move to receiver?

"Not at all. In the beginning, I said I made the switch for the team. It wasn't to cover up the switch. I felt that it was needed. I felt that me being over there, it made every receiver step up, before my concussions early in the season, which played a part in me not playing. That's the reason I think things went the way they did."

Did you say concussions plural?


You had more than one?

"Yes, two."

When did the second one come?

"In the scrimmage."

When did the first one come?

"Early in the week, before the scrimmage. I was ready to go, I felt fine."

Comments from McLeod Bethel-Thompson, who was nursing a bloody nose.

I thought the quarterbacks weren't supposed to be hit?

"It's more the weather than anything."

What'd you learn from watching the tape?

"I made a lot of mistakes but I also did some things right. I just kind of have to take it as a learning experience and know what you did wrong but really concentrate and build off what you did right."

What were some of the things that you did right?

"There were a number of throws that I made, a number of checks that I made. There were just certain plays that I did right and certain plays that I did wrong."

Did you come away feeling better after watching the tape?

"Better and worse. It's a number of things. You realize you see the certain plays that you did really poorly on and you say, 'Wow I really messed that up.' And you look at the ones that you did right and you build off of that and the things you did right. Obviously I don't feel anywhere close to good about the game, but I have to try to take some positive out of what I did."

How are you approaching this week and next week? Are you approaching it as if you're the starter?

"Yes. I mean, you have to. Last week as the back-up I had to approach it like I was going to play. So definitely I have to approach this as the starter. I have to win this game and work with my teammates and we got to win this one."

How do you sum up the whole quarterback situation?

"Injuries are terrible. It's part of the game."

How much more prepared are you to start a game with the experience of Saturday?

"That'll be my test to see how much I can improve and take from the game and not make the same mistakes twice. And that's always my goal to not make the same mistakes twice. The mistakes that I did make in the game you have to completely correct and not make again."

Are you glad to have the bye week?

"Actually no. I want to play right away. It's such a sour taste in my mouth that I want to play right away. If we could play tomorrow, I'd go out and play tomorrow. It's a terrible feeling in your gut, so the sooner we play the better."

How'd you sleep Saturday?

"I didn't."

How'd you sleep Sunday night?


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