Q & A With Milton Jennings

Milton Jennings, of Summerville (S.C) Pinewood Prep, has been a hot name as of late and he's starting to collect scholarship offers. The 6-foot-9, 210-pound big man has a top five and he shared his list with Scout.com...

Q & A with Milton Jennings:

How is the recruiting process going?

"I can't complain. I've got a bunch of new college coaches looking at me and I've got a bunch of new scholarship offers. I'm up to about 10 or 12 schools that have offered."

You've had a lot of attention from college coaches, which schools have offered you a scholarship?

"North Carolina has offered in a sense. They said if I keep improving the way I am then they said that they would offer me. South Carolina, Clemson, UCLA, Florida, Georgetown, Connecticut and also Virginia.

It sounds like North Carolina is showing interest, but hasn't quite offered. Are there any other schools that are recruiting you, but haven't offered?

"Not that many. North Carolina and I would say Kansas. Bill Self told me when he saw me that he was going to come after me. So I know that they might be ready to offer me, but he hasn't really said it.

Clemson has been involved with you for a while, how has their interest been?"

"I'm like their number one recruit. I'm highly interest in Clemson, USC, North Carolina and also Florida."

So are those your top group of schools?

Jennings Has A Top Five

"My top five in no order is Clemson, North Carolina, USC, UCLA and Florida. Those are my top five that I really like and I enjoy it when those coaches call. I also like some other schools like Georgetown, Virginia and Connecticut. I like them a lot too."

"Over the time I've talked to their coaches when I'm able to and I can tell they are all real good people. It's hard, but I'm pretty sure by the end of next year I'll be ready to make my decision."

Have you take any recent visits?"

"I'm starting actually this weekend. I'm heading up to North Carolina. I actually have a bunch of visits scheduled. We went ahead and scheduled a game every other week.

"I know November 2nd I'm heading up to Florida. I'll catch a bunch of USC and Clemson games with those two schools being close. I also want to try and get out to UCLA and also Georgetown and Connecticut. I'm going to be all over this year."

It sounds like you have a lot of really good options. What is your take on all of this?

"I actually do, maybe a little too many. I'm not going to complain though because not too many people get this many offers. I would say it'd be a lot easier if I only had offers from six or seven good schools instead of about 12."

What's the next step in this whole process for you?

"It's just me getting to know the coaches and trying to feel at home. I want a place that I can go to and get adjusted easily and start right away and help out a program. I'm also looking for a good academic school so I can be set in life after basketball."

What is it about your game that all of these schools seem to like so much?

"I'm a shooting big man and I'm an inside-outside guy. I'm able to go inside and if I'm getting double teamed inside I can step out and hit the three. I shot 43-percent from three last season."

It sounds like you are really enjoying your recruitment.

"You have to enjoy it, especially how I grew up. If you would have told me a couple of years ago that I would be going through this I wouldn't have believed it because I didn't travel at all. Now I'm able to travel all over the country and see new states and meet all kinds of people. I'm enjoying it a lot."

When you first started playing basketball, did you ever think that you were going to be this good?"

"To tell you the truth, no. I started playing basketball at the age of 12 and a half or 13. I was 6-4 and I didn't have a lick of game. I had no game. I couldn't play at any Division I or Division II school. I was right at Division III probably."

"I met a good man that is actually my AAU coach (Rufus McDonald). I've played for him for three years now and I'm going to play for him next year. He saw something in me and he's helped me everyday."

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