Dorrell After Tuesday's Practice

Karl Dorrell talked enthusiastically about the return of quarterback Patrick Cowan to practice Tuesday, and about the practice overall. They're bringing along a number of key players back from injury...

Karl Dorrell spoke after practice Tuesday.

"Good practice. Really good practice. I was really encouraged with everyone's attitutde and how hard they worked. Everybody is excited. Patrick Cowan, as I'm sure you guys saw, looked pretty good out there, did everything, did not want to miss anything. It's always encouraging to see him have that kind of practice today. It's a good first day of the week of having a good practice. We hope to have two or three more to follow up as we prepare for a great game."

Did you guys limit Pat today or was he free to do whatever?

"I tried to pull him out of a couple things, but he wanted to do it. I didn't want him to have too much too soon but he seemed pretty excited about the progress he was making. I think once he got warmed up he felt better. So in answer to your question, he did everything."

Timing wise, how did he look?

"He looked good. He looks good. There are some times that he needs to get his, you know...he missed a couple throws here and there but other than that I thought his timing looked pretty good. With more practice time he'll sharpen all those things up."

Is it a situation where he doesn't so much have to prove he can play, as prove he can't play? I mean, where he has to show he's not going to be able to play out there rather than prove to you…

"You're getting really big and deep with me here."

In your mind, that you're going with him…

"He has the experience in this offense to feel confident in his knowledge of it. You're asking me if he's physically ready to play and I think that he has to convince himself and he has to convince me that he's capable physically of playing. It's not a question of whether he's mentally ready. He's sharp and been keeping up with all that stuff. It's convincing himself and myself that we're not putting him at risk. And that's the goal."

Is there a main thing that will determine whether he's ready or not? Any specific work?

"He did all that work today. We're gonna see how he feels tomorrow because he did all the work today. See if there's any residual effect tomorrow. We're not anticipating that, but that's always something that you've got to think about coming off of an injury and seeing how the response will be the next day."

And the hamstring is better?

"That had plenty of rest. The hamstring should be pretty good. So we're off to the next injury. Hope we can get him over that one and get him completely healthy."

How's Chris Markey?

"He did some light stuff. He's still pretty sore, like I mentioned to you guys yesterday. And it's going to be sore. It's going to be sore for maybe the whole season, so that's gonna have to be some getting used to for him. So he's working his way through, and if he can't do any more than he's doing right now then the likelihood of him playing is not good. But we'll see how much he can progress from today to the next day."

Will he need to practice more by tomorrow or Thursday?

"By the end of the week. We just want to continue to progress him, and we'll just see what he can do. We didn't want him to get any team reps today. He did some stuff individually with the running backs and some ball handling and some things like that, but we didn't want to put him at risk to do any team work with all the other bodies around."

Without going through the list of all the injured did anybody…

"Let's not, let's not."

...Did anybody make any progress today?

"I was encouraged, did you see Brigham Harwell? I was encouraged he got some work done today. He's getting closer and closer and that's a positive thing. I'm encouraged by that. There's still some guys hobbled by some ankle soreness. So they're trying to work their way through it. Really nothing new. John Hale's back and practicing."

Could we see Reggie Carter this week?

"Yeah, he's getting his sutures out today.  He'll do some work out here tomorrow. He wanted to go today and we held him out."

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