Keyes Says Cal's WRs are the Best

UCLA senior free safety Dennis Keyes talked Tuesday about the California group of receivers, about preparing for a player like DeSean Jackson, and how the defense has improved in recent games...

Senior free safety Dennis Keyes talked to us Wednesday.

How do you prepare for a guy like DeSean Jackson?

"Study a lot of film and find his tendencies. You study film the same way you study it for anyone. You got to watch film, figure out what they like to do with him, and then just come out and play against him."

As a safety, they've got three really good wide receivers. When you go up against a team like this do you feel more pressure?

"We know they have good receivers, but I don't want to look at one opponent more or differently than I would another. I study the same way I would if we were playing an elementary school or if we're playing Cal. But obviously the fact that they've got three good receivers means we have to bring our A game and bring our best intensity."

Have you seen receivers this good this year?

"Athlete for athlete, no, but we've seen some good receivers. As a core group, no, they're the best."

Is Desean Jackson the fastest guy you've played against?

"Yeah yeah, he is. (Estrada?) has good speed, but he wasn't able to play against us. We really haven't seen any real burners out there, so it'll be a good test to see how we cover against a speedy and good receiving corps."

How do you feel you've done individually this year?

"I've done pretty good. I've done things I've needed to do, but I'm still improving. I'm improving every week, practicing and trying to get things done that I didn't do the previous week. It's just a constant improvement, but things are going good so far for the defense. We're continuing to improve as a whole unit, not just myself. So the whole unit is improving."

Where do you think you need to improve most?

"Everything could be improved. I try to work hard at everything, and just get better every week."

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