Thursday Practice Notes

Here's the latest injury report, some news on a player not redshirting and one who will, and Head Coach Bob Toledo's quick key to the Oregon game offensively for UCLA...

Ben Emanuel has a stinger in his neck and Head Coach Bob Toledo said "it appears he's probably going to be out." That leaves a little bit of a door open to the possibility that Emanuel could still play, but it's going to be a game-time decision. Toledo said he asked Emanuel this afternooon how he felt and he told him he didn't think he could play. Toledo said Emanuel is getting numbness running down his arm at times. Toledo considered it unusual that such an injury hadn't improved by now so he thought it was prudent to not play Emanuel this week and give him more rest.

Toledo said that the hierarchy at safety is Jibril Raymo and Jarrad Page, then Kevin Brant, and then Matt Ware. "Ware could play safety. It depends on how well Raymo and Page are playing."

Cory Paus's bruised shoulder is fine. He threw the ball exceptionally well Thursday in practice. In fact, it might have been one of his best practices throwing the ball this fall. Running back Wendell Mathis also had a bruised shoulder but he's okay also.

Backup offensive tackle Ed Blanton is out with a sprained foot. Paul Mociler will be the first tackle off the bench in a backup role.

Because of the loss of defensive tackle Rod Leisle to a broken foot, true freshman C.J. Niusulu has been moved into the two deep. Niusulu was expected to redshirt this year, but Toledo said he is definitely going to play. "hope he doesn't get too excited and jump offside."

Linebacker Patrick Pierre-Louis has been out for a prolonged period due to a dislocated shoulder and he will redshirt.

When asked what would be the keys to the game offensively for UCLA, Toledo said, "To protect the quarterback. Oregon is going to give you eight and nine man fronts and blitz all the time. And make some plays."

With some key starters and backups out for this game, Toledo said it's an opportunity for other players to prove themselves. Toledo said, "Players are always saying, ‘Give me an opportunity, give me a chance.' Now some will have their opportunity. Just like Blanton did against San Diego State and Ebell did against Oregon State, they have to take advantage of this opportunity."

Oregon's star receiver Keenan Howry has been having a relatively silent season so far. Toledo said, though, that he can't worry about Howry having a bust-out game this Saturday. "I think he might have been injured, a hamstring. But we don't worry about him having a break out game. We just prepare and play."

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