Recruits at the Cal Game

There was a good-sized contingent of recruits who are already verbally committed to UCLA, and some key un-committed recruits for the 2008 class, as well as some others from 2009 and 2010...

This isn't a comprehensive list, but the recruits we know about.


Nick Crissman
Derrick Coleman
Antwon Moutra
Anthony Dye
Rahim Moore
Johnathan Franklin
Kemonte Bateman
Cory Harkey
Donovan Carter
Datone Jones
Aaron Hester
Jerry Johnson
Taylor Embree


Hamani Stevens (his fourth game of the year)
D.J. Shields (Chula Vista TE)
Eric Stein (Carpenteria LB)
B.J. Iverson (Corona Santiago)

2009/2010 Prospects

Tate Forcier
Sean Martin (Corona Santiago)
Martin Barnett (a 6-3 TE/OLB for Santiago who looks the part)
Quejohn Floyd (Clint Floyd's younger brother) and a smaller Crenshaw contingency

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