Dorrell After Tuesday's Practice

Head Coach Karl Dorrell spoke after practice Tuesday, again calling it a good practice, and that they actually could be a bit ahead of schedule in preparation for Washington State. There's also a long list of the dinged up...

Karl Dorrell answered questions after practice Tuesday.

"We had another good practice today. We did a lot of…we did probably a Tuesday/Wednesday style of practice, which is being more informational on Tuesday than we normally would, which was good. We wanted to challenge our players, trying to do more at this point in time stressing them and trying to do more situational things. It was good. I liked what I saw. It wasn't the perfect of practices, but the effort was good. Everybody was into it. We're hoping for a great practice tomorrow. You just told you about Jess Ward? (Ward is out 2-4 weeks with partial tear of left knee PCL). He's out I guess 2-3 weeks, 2-4 weeks, it just depends on how he responds. It's nothing surgical we're going to do. Usually knee sprains are in that realm. We'll see how it goes with him coming back. Brigham Harwell was able to do a little bit of stuff today. Patrick Cowan got sore today so we pulled him out towards the end of practice. We hope it's nothing, just a little fatigue in his knee. Who else? Tom Blake had a contusion.  He hit knees. It stiffened up a bit, so we're hoping his knee's OK. Haven't had a chance to visit with the doctors yet. Adam Heater pulled his calf muscle. I'm trying to run down everything that happened today. You guys usually ask about all these guys. But these kind of little freaky things happen here and there."

Do you expect Brigham to get into a full practice one of these days this week?

"It's really going to depend on how he's coming along. The biggest test is seeing if he can get through individuals first. He's able to do some of it, not all of it. If he can't do individuals, then playing in a game, that's difficult. So we're just gonna keep bringing him along and see how much he can do week to week and day to day."

Do you need me (a reporter) to suit up at DT this week?

"I know, we're getting nicked up there. I hope you're really strong, that you're stronger that you look."

Is depth a concern now?

"You know what, this happens across the country. I was just telling the team that. Guys are going to have to step up and play. We're no different than any other team at this point in time in the season. It's game 8. It's guys that are nicked. You got some young guys, David Carter, and guys that have redshirted, that have a chance to step in and help. I'm not gonna complain about it. Everyone has to deal with it. We've gotta find a way to be successful."

Is Brian Price going to get the start?

"He could. Possibly. We'll see how Jerzy Siewierski responds. But Jerzy has more experience, but he's swollen. If he's not playing to the likelihood that where we think he should be, then Brian could possibly get the start."

Did Jerzy get pulled out of practice because that was the plan?

"We wanted to bring him along slowly. Yeah, we don't want to get him doing too much too early, given his position."

Markey actually ran today...

"Yeah, he looked good. It was good to see, that's a bright spot. Someone's coming back. Gives us another back.  He looked good and a little peppy, so that's a good thing."

Can he play d-tackle?

"No, he probably couldn't do that. We need him to kind of do what he does."

How'd John Hale look today?

"Good, he knows…this is a different type of game. We don't know how much given this team's a spread 'em out offense. So we match with personnel. With an offense, that means that if they're playing with more spread sets, we're not playing in our base defense, which means John's not on the field. They'll play some two tight end sets, and he'll play and do well, he knows what we do."

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