Horton: "Better Every Week"

Senior safety Chris Borton talked to us this week, and he believes that the UCLA defense, after the hiccups at the beginning of the season, has righted itself and is on a track of continual improvement...

Senior safety Chris Horton talked to us this week.

So, looking back on the game, how do you think the secondary did against Cal?

"We played a decent game. We had some coverage busts, or whatever, maybe one or two. But overall I think we had a good gameplan and we came to play."

Last year against Washington State, Alex Brink pretty much picked you guys apart and looked nearly perfect- what do you guys do this week to prepare for him?

"Well, last year was last year. It's a new year. Our defense has come a long way, and we're definitely a lot better than we showed last year. Obviously we're gonna just come out and play our game. We know he's a good quarterback, so we're just going to try to go out there and execute well."

Have you ever been up to Pullman before?

"I've never been there. I was hurt (for the last Washington State road game). But I've heard about it, and it is what it is. It's just another trip, it's just another game. We gotta go up there ready to play a game."

Is it tough to practice with fires and the poor air quality?

"In the beginning of practice, it's a little weird. But as the day goes on, you get in the football zone. You get tunnel vision, and then you don't really worry about the air."

It seems like the defense in the last few games has really started to clamp down.  Have you guys re-solidified yourselves as one of the top defenses in the country?

"At the beginning we had some mistakes. We weren't at our best and now I think we're still developing. We're getting better and better every week, because we are limiting the mistakes we've made in the past. If we get past the other mistakes, we'll continue to be one of the best."

Do you see yourself as a run-stopping safety?

"I think I could do both. Most of the time I'm on the tight side. I could play man-to-man, and then in the run game I can play on the running back. I'm definitely able to do both (run stopping and pass defense)."

How do you guys avoid dropping one of these roadies in the next two weeks?

"Every game gets bigger and bigger. We gotta take them one at a time. Right now we're focused on Washington State and we're going to try to go up there and win a football game."

And there's no sense that you guys are taking them lightly?

"No, because we know they're an explosive offense. I think they might be leading the conference in so many yards of offense. They're a pretty good offense. We got to go up there and prepare for a good football team, no matter what their record shows. Their offense is pretty good."

And even with that, do you guys always have Notre Dame and Utah in the back of your heads going into a game like this?

"No. I don't even think about it anymore. That's behind me. Right now it's Washington State and that's what I'm looking forward to."

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