VIDEO: Howland on Tuesday

Head Coach Ben Howland talked to the media after practice Tuesday, about the banged knee that had Kevin Love out of the end of practice, who's shooting the ball and rebounding the best, preparing for the start of the season, and more...

Kevin Love went down driving to the basket and was in visible pain, having banged his kneed against Lorenzo Mata-Real's knee.

The Bruin Hoopsters, a booster group, was in attendance, and when he went down it drew a gasp from the crowd.

Love and Ben Howland told us afterward he merely banged it and didn't twist it, and that no MRI would be needed.

In practice, it appeared that Mike Roll was getting time with the 1s, and he very likely could be the fifth starter.

Russell Westbrook now has a mohawk.

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Howland After Tuesday's Practice:

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