Dorrell After Practice Wednesday

A few more players get nicked up in practice, and Head Coach Karl Dorrell talks about younger players getting their chance to play, as well as addressing the issues of the receivers getting the dropsies, and more...

Karl Dorrell addressed the media after practice Wednesday.

Opening comment:

"Good practice. It's Halloween."

Got a costume?

"No, no costume."

Has Patrick Cowan seemed significantly more mobile this week?

"Yeah, he is. He looks pretty good. I think he's getting in better shape. The more he's practicing the more comfortable he's getting in that brace. He's getting in shape and I think the knee's getting better. It's good. It's a good sign."

What did you tell Terrence Austin about the drops last week?

"What did I tell Terrence? Well, first of all, I tried to build his confidence and not break him down, and that happens to almost any receiver when that happens when you have a chance to go up for a touchdown and you do something like that. You know, he's a hard working kid. I just say you know what, at least you got the drops out now and you can just look forward to making more plays in the future. You know what, I think he's dying to score his first touchdown. And maybe that's this week. He'll get a chance to do that. That's something that you gotta fight through and when that happens it never feels good, but I just tried to build his confidence."

Are you getting enough out of him in the punt return game?

"Am I getting enough out of him? Yeah, I think I am."

Compare Maurice Jones-Drew's punt returns to Terrence's...

"We haven't had many punt return opportunities. You know what's different now, since you mentioned Maurice, a couple of years ago is that you see so much rugby punt schemes compared to, that's just been a couple of years, how that's changed the game. It makes it much more difficult to set up returns. The game is evolving. But Terrence has done a nice job in terms of what we're asking him to do but he hasn't had many opportunities."

Is he making smart enough decisions back there, when to catch the ball, when to down it, when to do all that stuff

"Yes he is."

Do you feel that what happened with the pass interference calls this week was a matter that needed to be addressed?

Whenever that happens, you talk about it, you have to address it. Even if it's iffy calls or either-way calls, it doesn't matter. It was enough to draw attention to it and cause a foul. We always want to address those things and we did. We don't ever want to stop playing aggressive. That's the thing, we have to keep playing aggressive. That's our style with our corners. And you just want to make sure they're playing within the rules of the game so you just continue to address that.

What's up with John Hale (who didn't practice)?

"He has a slight hamstring pull. He did it yesterday at the beginning of practice. Trying to give him rest time today and we'll see if he can do anything tomorrow. But he pulled his, it's a hamstring strain."

Is it the kind of thing where he will have to practice tomorrow to play?

"We'll see."

And what about Jeff Miller (who was also out)?

"Miller had a test and he has a hernia. A sports hernia, so he's going to have to have surgery. And I think that's what they're deciding to do right now. More injured guys."

Seems like a lot of injuries at the same position?

"We have. You play the game, keep plugging guys into play. These young guys get a chance to play, and they're excited. That's part of the energy that's up in practice, it's that these young guys are going to get a chance to play. You get them out there and let them go. See what they can do."

Is Michael Pitre getting any closer to playing?

"He is. He's working, he hasn't had any setbacks. He did some drills yesterday and he did pretty good today. He's feeling pretty good. He won't be up for the game, but he's feeling pretty good."

But maybe for the Oregon game?

"Maybe. Maybe sometime soon. But it's good progress he's making with his knee."

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