J'mison Morgan Chooses LSU

The one guy left in the 2008 class that UCLA was recruiting, the 6-10 center, J'mison Morgan, the #29-ranked player in the national class, announced he chose LSU over UCLA, Alabma and Kansas in a press conference today...

J'mison Morgan, the 6-10 center from Dallas (Tex.) South Oak Cliff, chose LSU over UCLA, Alabama and Kansas, he announced this morning at a press conference.

Shortly after the press conference we caught up with Morgan's mentor and AAU coach Jazzy Hartwell. According to the Urban DFW coach, Morgan developed a great relationship with LSU's coaching staff.

"He said he felt comfortable with LSU," Hartwell said. "He just felt real comfortable with the coaching staff there and their team. He also likes how they develop big guys."

Morgan, the #29-ranked player in the country, would have given UCLA the clear consensus #1 recruiting class in the country.

Even though UCLA improved its chances with Morgan after his oficial visit to Westwood September 22nd, UCLA getting him was always considered somewhat of a longshot.

Morgan was the only recruit in the 2008 class UCLA was still recruiting. The Bruins will sign what still many experts consider one of the top three classes in the country next Wednesday. The class consists of #3-ranked Jrue Holiday, #22-ranked Malcolm Lee, #28-ranked Jerime Anderson and #31-ranked Drew Gordon.

If UCLA does pursue anyone else in the 2008 class, it would have to be a as-of-yet unknown prospect, almost certainly a big, that would emerge by the spring signing period of 2008.

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