Dorrell After Tuesday's Practice

Head Coach Karl Dorrell talked not just about the injured, but the guys who are taking the place of the injured Tuesday after practice. He also discussed Osaar Rasshan, his development, and the decision last summer to move him to wide receiver...

Karl Dorrell spoke after practice Tuesday.

"I feel like I'm being attacked here (in reference to the reporters crowding him). Good practice. We're putting in a pretty good plan for our offense we feel pretty good about. We got a few days to get it ironed out. We'll be ready to line up and play this weekend. It was a good practice where everyone's effort as definitely to do everything right. And we're ready to bounce back so we'll continue to work and get ourselves ready for a good game this weekend."

How does your game plan change having a guy like Osaar Rasshan in there who doesn't have a lot of experience?

"It shrinks down. That's what it comes down to. You can't give him as much information as you would if you had an experienced player in there. We're going to do some things that are going to be helpful for all people involved. We got some new running backs playing who didn't understand the whole scope of the offense as well, so you know we got to tailor it back and do the things that are going to give us some production and some good execution."

How's the mood out here? Ae all the guys bouncing back pretty well?

"Yeah, yeah, they're doing pretty good. They understand that this is another opportunity to compete. There's still a lot to play for this season. You've got to buy into just what that simple statement is. We've still got three games left to compete and get ourselves ready for a great opportunity that starts this weekend."

How did Brigham Harwell look?

"He looked OK. It still looks like he's dragging it a little but he's not in any pain. It's just a matter of getting in shape. It doesn't feel normal to him yet and he's hoping that it would feel normal but it's going to take some time for it to feel as good as his other leg that's not injured."

Is Oregon a realistic timeframe for him?


Is Chris Markey still kind of getting back a little bit?

"He's getting back. He was in there getting more, he had more juice and energy than he did last week so he's getting back. We're getting those other guys some reps because they haven't had that many reps, the guys who played last week. They need to be caught up to what we're doing. We're trying to evenly distribute all of those reps to Craig Sheppard and Chane Moline and those guys that will be playing."

Have you talked to any of your coaching friends about how to handle all of these injuries?

"That's a good question, but it's really one of those questions that's outside of the coaching jurisdiction, because of the medical staff and trainers and the doctors because when they say a kid can't play, I can't say well, I want him to play. They make the determinations on those kinds of things. We just have to continue to coach, like I mentioned yesterday. We're going to work hard and coach who we have and keep on trying to give us opportunities to be successful."

How much does it inhibit what you can do as a coach, having all of these injured players?

"Yes, because of inexperience. You're playing with inexperienced players. They don't know as much as the guys who have been playing most of the season."

Is there a point at which the injuries become not very manageable for you guys?

"Again that's a great question, but it's not a manageable issue for us. We have to play with whoever's still available. And I don't mean that to be in a negative way to those guys who are still playing, because they're getting a chance to showcase what they can do and we're going to coach them hard just like they were the starter. We have some guys who can line up still and we're going to coach them up to do a very good job and that's really our job to make sure that we can get our guys ready to play and get some execution."

Is there any comfort in coming back home to play?

"Yeah, it's good to be home and not have to get back on a plane so that's a good thing. We've got to play better football. Yes, it's good to be home but we've got to play better. We've got to improve. We've got to have some players coached up who haven't had a lot of reps. So those are the things that are really the pressing issues we're addressing at this point."

In the summer why did you feel it was a good move to move Osaar to wide receiver?

"You know, at this point, it doesn't seem that way. I think the reason being, we had three healthy quarterbacks, two experienced starters that played, plus we thought Chris Forcier was going to be a promising player. For two years, he looked, the juniors we have in our program with Patrick Cowan and with Ben Olson and them being in the position that they are, he wanted to get on the field. He saw it as an opportunity to help the offense and move into a position to get himself on the field to be productive. That was the reasoning and I agreed with it."

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