Rasshan: "They Are Pushing Me"

The new starter at quarterback, Osaar Rasshan, is being thrown into a tough spot and getting a crash course by the coaching staff in quarterbacking this week preparing for Arizona State on Saturday...

Osaar Rasshan, who will start at quarterback against ASU, talked to us on Tuesday after practice.

How'd practice go for you today?

"It went good. It was a new experience, you know, getting all the reps working with the ones, o-linemen, and connecting with them for the first time."

For a long time you've said you thought you could be a quarterback in this conference and start for this team. What's going through your mind now that that moment is finally here and this if your shot?

"I'm not too much thinking about that. I'm just thinking one play at a time whether it's practice or a game. Just take one rep at a time and just make sure my huddle's focused and my team is playing well."

Does it matter to you at all that this is coming about mostly through attrition?

"I look at it as, coach named me the starter, and I can't look to the future. We have Arizona State and that's the only goals in our mind right now as a team."

If someone would have told you when you switched to receiver that by Week 9 you would be starting at quarterback how would you have reacted?

"I would not have believed it because I honestly did not think I would be going back. It was a switch for the team, and usually when a quarterback switches to a receiver, I don't know too many players that ever went back. It's just a blessing, and I'm trying to take advantage of it."

How much more comfortable does it make you after playing a good portion of the last game heading into this weeks' game?

"This is the most tired I've ever been in any practice I've had in my life. They were pushing me, you know what I'm saying. I had to be confident in the huddle saying plays. Just taking it slow."

When you moved to receiver it was a promising move for you, you were doing well, and then you moved back. It's like both positions were a setback for you just because of the time you missed...

"Well, I don't look at it...you look at the spring when I sprained my thumb and that set me back then. Going to receiver was actually a time to let my thumb heal so I think everything's in perfect order and right now it's the way it's supposed to be."

When did you sit down and start thinking about your future after spring ball last year?

"I think it was June. I looked at myself third on the depth chart and I knew we needed some help at receiver and coach thought it'd be cool. They wanted to make sure it was my decision and it was."

Did you consider any other options, like safety or anything?

"No, no, not at all. I'm more of a finesse player."

Did you ever consider transferring?

"To another school? Um, no, not this summer, not at all."

How about before this summer?

"No, I'm a Bruin and I'm glad to be here."

And that was a difficult decision for you to make to finally make the switch, right?

"To receiver? The week that I switched it was something that I had to talk to my parents about. I think a couple of you wrote an article about it. My father at first wasn't too receptive towards it but when I broke it down for him why I was moving, he stood behind me and everything went from there."

How was your first action at quarterback, how did you feel?

"In the game? It was fun. We didn't finish the way we wanted to finish as a team. But that's why we get another opportunity to get out there and do it."

Is it easier knowing you're going to be the guy this week than it is not knowing?

"Well, this is the first time I've ever known that. Right now, that's something I don't need to be pressured about or be thinking about. More so it effects the team than the quarterbacks. Because when the quarterback position is up in limbo then everyone's looking around like, What's going on? Now we know, and everybody's rallying behind us."

Your first week of being the starter, how did you spend yesterday?

"Yesterday? I was in the film room with coaches going over plays trying to get an early report of what we're going to be playing, what we're going to be going over. Just grinding."

You checked in on a little basketball Monday night to relax?

"Yeah, I went in there for a little bit, then went back to the house."

What does ASU do defensively?

"They're a real solid football team. They do their responsibilities. I don't think they have too many players that are outside of the realm of what their defensive coordinator is trying to do over there. They're a good team defense."

How excited or nervous will you be on Saturday?

"I don't know. We'll see. You can ask me after the game."

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