Dorrell After Practice Tuesday

Head Coach Karl Dorrell talked after practice Tuesday about redshirting a couple of players who have been injured for the majority of the season, Osaar Rasshan's development, and more...

What's going on?

"Nothing much, trying to get better. Had a good practice, a good fundamental practice. A lot of stuff we worked on, and getting better so real pleased with that. In regards to some of the injuries, with Harwell and his shoulder we're not going to play him this year, so we're going to redshirt him since he had a setback last week. Marcus Everett is having surgery in December for his ankle, so he's also going to redshirt. And we're likely going to try to save Forcier as well, but if we have to play him we have to play him, if we have more injuries at the quarterback position, but we would like to try to save him. Just thought I would give you guys the update with those three guys with two games left in the season."

Are you going to keep trying to give Forcier more reps in practice?

"No, again, we'd like to try to save the year. Given where we are at this point, we're going to use Mac and Ben had some practice time today, we'd like to continue to bring him along the next couple of weeks and get him to be a possibility of adding to our depth next week so we'd like to try to save his year if we could."

Would Marcus Everett, because he played a couple of snaps in the fourth game, be a difficult redshirt to get?

"He's well within the limits of getting his, you know he still has to do the paperwork and all that stuff. That's the decision, talked to the family and him, and that's the best thing for him to do right now."

What's the surgery like for him, is it exploratory?

"No, he has some preexisting calcium deposits and bone spurs and some other things that developed in his last ankle sprain that's been hard for him to get back healthy. So it's more doing that and cleanup right now."

How does that affect the recruiting numbers?

"I don't mean for this to go any further than what I've told you guys that's about the ramifications of recruiting and all that, just trying to give you guys an update. We still have two games left that w'ere trying to finish with."

Is it realistic that Ben Olson could start in two weeks or is it going to be Osaar Rasshan?

"I wouldn't say that's realistic. We're trying to get him back healthy to play and be there in position to be an emergency guy, I think that's really what I'm trying to get done for this next game."

Any update on Pat Cowan?


What do two weeks of practice mean for Osaar?

"He's getting the majority of the reps so it should develop him a little further along just like it did last week for him to play against Arizona State. These next two weeks we hope should be another big step forward for him to manage our offense."

Has Kahlil Bell been scheduled for surgery yet?

"No. But he's going to have surgery. But we don't know when yet. They've been trying to get the swelling and range of motion back before they do the surgery and that takes some time after the injury."

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