The Committed OL De-Commits

The 6-6 offensive line prospect from Harvard-Westlake, Jonathan Martin, was rumored to be de-committing from UCLA and, in fact, it came true. He now likes another Pac-10 school and is close to committing there...

Just days after saying he was solid to UCLA, North Hollywood (Calif.) Harvard-Westlake offensive tackle Jonathan Martin (6-6.5, 270) has publicly changed his stance and has de-committed from the Bruins.

"I'd been thinking about it for a while. I wasn't really sure about where my heart was at for a while," said Martin. "So I thought after Stanford told me I had a good chance of being admitted, why not do it now?"

So Martin let UCLA offensive line coach Bob Connelly know over the weekend that he was opening up his recruitment. "They sounded pretty upset but it's like a business decision. I have to look at the long term value of a Stanford education," said Martin.

The one caveat is that Martin hasn't been admitted into Stanford just yet. So what would Martin do should he not be admitted? "At this point, I'm open to anything," said Martin. "My recruitment would just open back up. I wouldn't go back to UCLA immediately. I feel pretty confident that I'll get in, but I'm not in yet academically so I have to keep some options open."

Martin said when he committed to UCLA in June, he thought he was done. But when the realization that he could both attend and play football at Stanford became possible, Stanford became a real possibility.

"Stanford is on the way up in terms of football," said Martin. "But that's not the reason. One day, I'm going to stop playing football, and Stanford is second to an Ivy League school in terms of a degree."

Both of Martin's parents are Harvard graduates and place a high value on education. "When I first heard from Stanford again, they were some of the main ones to say, ‘Look at the academic picture'. UCLA is a great school and I really like the coaches there. But I'm looking big picture and past my football playing days," said Martin.

Martin did say that the door at UCLA isn't entirely closed for him, but UCLA probably isn't a likely option. "Coach Connelly said if no one is committed by that time, then my scholarship is available, but if not, then I'll have to look at some other options," said Martin. "Honestly, if I get into Stanford, I'm done after that. I'm going to commit to Stanford."

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