Dorrell, Olson At Practice Tuesday

Head Coach Karl Dorrell commented about the status of quarterback Ben Olson this week, leading up to the Oregon game Saturday, and Olson commented about himself, after practice Tuesday...

Karl Dorrell commented after practice Tuesday.

"Good practice. It's the early portion of the week so the good meat of our gameplan was introduced today. We saw a lot of attentiveness with what we're trying to get accomplished. We have got a few more days to get ourselves completely ready. I think our men are going to play a great game on Saturday."

What did you think of Ben Olson?

"He's coming. He did more today than what he's done before, even last week. He took some live team reps, he did not take as many as what a guy would be rotating to play with in this week's game. We'll see what he does and how he responds to what he did today.  mHe's not 100%. He's not moving around 100% and that's going to be the norm right now until he gets himself back playing again. And I think as soon as he gets over that he'll start to respond faster."

But you would still use him on Saturday if you need him?

"Again, I'm going to have to wait until the end of the week to see how he responds to what he did today, tomorrow and Thursday. We'll see how physically he feels."

He didn't take as many reps as he normally would have?\

"We're trying to get him accustomed to taking more reps as he continues to practice. We didn't want to give too much to him. And he's not as mobile as he would like to be right now."

Is there a point when you want to make that decision so that McLeod Bethel-Thompson can get some reps?

"Well, Mac is getting those reps right now and he's been getting most of the reps the last couple weeks. We'll be able to catch (Bethel-Thompson) up if (Olson can't play). Remember, we said there was an outside chance that Ben would be available this week. We did not say that he was going to be the backup for sure. We would like for that to happen. But we'll have to determine where he is at by Thursday."

How's Chris Markey?

"Markey looks good. He had a good practice today. He had no setbacks today. But I'm pretty sure Ramirez left with these nose bleeds. He had another one today, and it's still bleeding so I'm a little concerned about that. He was taken to the hospital. They aren't related to his concussion. He's had these in his past before."

Did you hear that Brady Leaf didn't practice for Oregon today?

"He didn't? Wow. That's how the end of the season is with two games left and guys are a little banged up. And I'm sure they're trying to get him some rest and get him ready to play on Saturday.  We're counting on (Leaf) being the guy. He was able to get through the game on Thursday night with a sprained ankle."

Patrick Cowan was jogging a little bit, right?

"Yeah. He looked fresh-legged. He had a little time off. He's still conditioning this week. They have not cleared him to practice."

Comments from Ben Olson. 

How did it feel out there today?

"It felt pretty good. I was pretty sore and those types of things. Today was the first day that I have been able to take, not really significant reps, but I was able to take a few reps with the team. I was just trying to get healthy and get out there."

Coach said that you're not fully mobile.

"I don't know as far as a percentage. It's still pretty sore going to my right and things like that where you gotta push off of it. Hopefully in the coming days it will just keep getting better."

How do you feel about where you might be by the end of the week?

"We'll see how it feels tomorrow. Today was kind of the most I've done since I got hurt. Hopefully tomorrow I won't be too sore and be able to practice and do a little bit more."

Do you think that you could play Saturday if needed?

"I think so. I'm definitely not 100%. If I'm needed I'm up for the opportunity to be out there."

How long has it been since you took a snap in practice?

"Well, I tried to take some snaps last week, but I really wasn't able to get away from center like I need to be able to."

Did coach Dorrell describe to you what emergency quarterback means?

"Well, that's not in my control. I've definitely learned that you have got to worry about the things that you can control. If I'm needed, I'll be ready."

What's this last 4-5 weeks been like for you?

"It's always tough when you're injured. And I've had my fair share of injuries here at UCLA so I've learned how to deal with them. You can't control them, you just have to accept things for what they are and be optimistic.
You never know for sure when you're going to be healthy and when you're going to be able to come back. You have to learn from experience that you cannot rush it. You're body will let you know when you are ready to go."

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