Dorrell After Tuesday's Practice

Head Coach Karl Dorrell, of course, talks about the injured after practice Tuesday. Two of the three quarterbacks are still limited, so there was only one to take most of the reps. Dorrell also discussed the leadership qualities of Bruce Davis...

Karl Dorrell commented after practice Tuesday.

"We had a good practice. They were really into it, which was good to see. Not that they haven't been in the past but you can tell it's a big week. We're excited about it. We looked to put most of our planning in and it went in pretty smoothly. Patrick Cowan  took the majority of the reps today. Ben Olson, in his individual drills, felt pretty sore and I knew that that was going to be the case given what he did this past weekend, so we decided not to give him hardly any reps today. He doesn't have any swelling, he's just sore. So we're going to give him some more reps. Pat took the majority of the reps and looked good. He did a nice job orchestrating things, made some nice throws, moved around pretty good and had no respiratory problems so he looked and felt good I think. We'll see if he has a setback tomorrow, hopefully not but he did some nice things. Osaar Rasshan, he tweaked his ankle in the game, and he's still a little bit sore from that. So he's hobbling some but he'll be ok. But it was a good first day."

Is mobility an issue with the decision to name the starting quarterback? Does Pat have the inside track?

"We're going to announce something soon about what we're doing there. We're going to give it some time. We still have time to work through our game planning and see where we're at at that position. But it is encouraging to see what Pat did today, and hopefully Ben will be able to do more stuff tomorrow and continue to get the plan together so we'll see."

Is Ben sore enough that he probably couldn't have played today?

"No, I think he could have. I'm kind of using a little bit of my experience in the past with guys that have played before when they're ready to play and how that kind of puts them in a couple days of recovery, you know, when they do something like that. We'll see though, I think he's going to be ready tomorrow."

When you came out here today, were reps going to be split between Ben and Pat or was that kind of just a product of Ben being sore?

"We're going to give just all three of them the reps going through practice. What happened, we were doing the special teams period and they were doing individual quarterback stuff and he was moving around and he just felt like he was sore so we just decided to pull him off."

Craig Sheppard didn't practice today?

"Yeah, his groin is still sore. We need to give him more rest. So we'll see about him. It's not a significant groin injury but it is an injury and we want to get him ready to play on Saturday."

It feels like this whole year we've been talking about injuries...

"I know I know."

Who would be behind Sheppard? I guess it would be Chane Moline or Christian Ramirez...

"I don't know, it might be (Brian) Dohn (The Daily News writer)."

What has Bruce Davis meant to this team with his personality this year?

"Bruce is a pretty emotional guy. He plays that way and it's important to him so he's been a pretty good leader from that standpoint. Obviously a very productive player. He's made good plays for our defense. Those are all important qualities for a team to have. I know he's excited about playing. This is his last time playing USC and I'm sure he wants to play well."

It's been a while since you've had a guy who kind of embraces that 'I am the star, I want to be on camera' thing too...

"I mean, I don't know if that's good or bad. But no, it's mostly good. He's a likeable kid. Very good looking guy. Has a great smile. He's got that magnetism about himself that I think attracts people to him. And he's very confident in his skills, so those are what athletes are. There's nothing wrong with being confident in how well you play."

You guys going to tape a camera to Booty's helmet? That's the fastest way to get Bruce anywhere...

"I don't know if we need anything like that. I'm sure he has enough incentive to do what he needs to do."

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