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With the search for a new football coach in full swing, the BRO Premium Football Message Board is now the place to be, with thousands of subscribers online with great insider info, rumors, and speculation. Check out some recent interesting posts...

The BRO Premium Football Message Board has evolved into a place that is vital for any serious UCLA football fan to get the latest information going on about the football program.

It's not only the #1 UCLA football message board on the Internet, with the most activity, it has also become the place where some program insiders leak information.

Interesting recent posts:

On Neuheisel and Chow

Recruits Working to Keep Class Together

Chow to be Interviewed Saturday

June Jones Would Want to Bring Entire Staff

There has also been thousands of subscribers flocking to the board to share their thoughts and speculate about the new head coach.

These are some recent gems:

Comments in Support of Neiheisel

It's Time to Hire Chow/Walker

Chow and Walker Together

Bruin Report Online doesn't guarantee the validity of this information, but the posts linked here do come from message board posters who have been very reliable in the past.

This is just a taste of the type of information you can get on the BRO Premium Message Board from just its own subscribers.

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Also, check out the Live Chat Room, where hundreds of subscribers talked to each other throughout the day in real time about the coaching search.

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