Recruit Update: Johnathan Franklin

Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey athlete Johnathan Franklin talks about what Karl Dorrell's firing means to him, his plans with recruiting and his hopes for the class of 2008...

Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey running back/safety Johnathan Franklin was one of the handful of commits to UCLA that committed to the Bruins in March.

But like many of them, Franklin is now in wait-and-see mode following the firing of Karl Dorrell on Monday.

"It's unfortunate because Coach Dorrell was a cool dude," said Franklin. "I liked him and I liked what he did for the program. A lot of the athletes got hurt and I cannot really blame him for all the losses, like the quarterbacks going down and the running backs going down. There were a lot of unfortunate events. I hope in the future he just keeps going and does something and finds something that makes him happy, wish him the best of luck."

That said, Franklin is very interested in what happens next with the UCLA coaching staff.

"As long as most of the coaching staff stays, I'm committed there," said Franklin. "If Coach E-Scott and Coach Walker are there, I'm staying. But if they go, I'll probably go."

Where he goes is uncertain, but he said that Arizona State has been coming on strong of late.

"Arizona State has showed some interest in me," said Franklin. "Coach Yarbs (Eric Yarber) is a real cool dude. I'm thinking about taking a trip up there."

Franklin, though, said he'd like to see the class at UCLA stay together, the bond they had built the past few months being strong.

"The recruiting class is amazing," said Franklin. "It has a lot of athletes and a lot of players who really love football. And our plan is to be that class that turns it around there."

Franklin said he won't make a decision about his future until he knows what the situation at UCLA will include.

"I'm on the lookout right now and in wait-and-see mode," said Franklin. "I plan on taking my trip up there and then I'll figure things out."

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