Walker On Las Vegas Bowl & More

Named the interim coach on Tuesday by UCLA for the Las Vegas Bowl, DeWayne Walker talked with the media on a teleconference about his new role, his longterm plans and his interest level in the UCLA coaching position...

On his overall feeling
I'm flattered. Right now, our main focus is to continue recruiting and prepare this team for our bowl game.

On how his job has changed
Drastically, but its fun. Coaching as long as I have, I've been fortunate to have coached with good coaches. The transition has been ok and obviously I'm leaning on a lot of assistant coaches. But so far so good.

On taking over the whole team from a game standpoint
It's going to be a challenge, but I believe in Coach DeLoach and Jay Norvell and these coaches. We have a good coaching staff.

On addressing the team
I'm going to talk with the team in the morning

On if he considers this game an audition
I would be lying if I said otherwise. But my main concern is staying on top of recruiting and collectively getting this team ready to win a game. It's all about the recruiting and getting ready for this bowl game. That's enough to be worried about. I've learned to take one day at a time. At the end of the day we'll see what happens.

On hearing from recruits
My son's a recruit too, and I'm a parent in this. I'm sure there are some concerns. Right now we don't have a coach. These are some very good kids, and their family are being patient and we think they'll hang with us through the process.

On if he's been a part of coaching change before
Actually three times. I was with Pete (Carroll) with New England when he was let go before being retained by Bill Bellichek. When we were fired with the Giants, we were not fortunate to be retained. When Steve Mariucci took the 49ers job, Tom Holmoe kept us.

On playing BYU again
Defensively, we'll see how they played their last three games. We'll see if there was a dramatic improvement from the time they played us. We'll see how they played from the end of the season. I'm real curious to see where they are right now.

On the practice schedule
We'll have practice Saturday and Sunday and then we'll give them a week off for finals. Then we'll begin practice next Friday and prepare for BYU.

On coaching the defense in the Las Vegas Bowl
I'll have my hand in it. We have some very good coaches, Gary DeLoach, Chuck Bullough, Todd Howard. But I'll have my hand in it.

On if he's talked with Karl Dorrell
Yes, but I'd like to keep that private. He's my friend. I feel for him. I understand and he understands the business. So I'd like to keep that private.

On who will call the plays in the Las Vegas Bowl
Jay (Norvell) is. We've had a chance to laugh and joke today about some things. As we get closer, being a defensive coach, I'll have some ideas, but its his offense and he'll run it.

On who is going to play quarterback
That's a good question.

On if he's interviewed for the job with Dan Guerrero
I'll say that we've talked. I wouldn't call it an interview, but we've talked.

On when he does plan to interview for the job
I have no idea. Again, the recruiting and trying to get us ready for this bowl game is enough for me right now.

On if he's interested in the position
I'd be lying to you if I said I wasn't interested. But it's not a focus right now. And I'm being really sincere. There is a whole lot more going on than worrying about that right now.

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