Wednesday Coach Search Update

The situation is changing by the hour, but here's the latest we've heard about the candidates for the UCLA head coaching job, including the most recent developments with Texas Tech head coach Mike Leach...

Wednesday Morning Coaching Search Update:

The coaching search creates an ever-fluctuating state in terms of information.

Things are literally changing by the hour. We can hear that one candidate is out in the morning and he's back in by the afternoon.

So, if you're going to follow every twist and turn please be aware of that.

-- A meeting has been arranged between UCLA and Texas Tech coach Mike Leach. We don't know when, but a source indicated one has been arranged.

-- Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator Norm Chow has told UCLA he's interested in the position. We don't know what action UCLA has taken.

-- The possibility of Steve Mariucci is still alive. As we reported originally, there was an issue of compensation, with Mariucci wanting a considerable amount.

-- We haven't heard anything substantial on Chris Petersen within the last day or so.

-- Defensive Coordinator DeWayne Walker is considered a candidate for the head coaching position. From what we've heard, the candidates with head coaching experience are higher on the priority list, but there are those within the UCLA athletic department that wouldn't be depressed if UCLA missed on those candidates and UCLA hired Walker as its head coach.

-- The names of Cincinnati head coach Brian Kelly and Seattle Seahawk assistant coach and former Atlanta Falcons head coach, Jim L. Mora, have now been mentioned.

-- As was reported on the BRO Premium Football Board, Al Borges' name has surfaced as a potential offensive coordinator.

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