Recruit Update: Kevan Walker

One of the UCLA commits most affected by the firing of Karl Dorrell is Arcadia (Calif.) receiver Kevan Walker. The son of UCLA's interim coach, DeWayne Walker, talks about his recruitment and the search for a new head coach...

It's safe to say that no UCLA commit was affected by the firing of Karl Dorrell like Arcadia (Calif.) athlete Kevan Walker. With Dorrell's release earlier this week, Walker's father, DeWayne, is now the interim coach for the Bruins.

It's still uncertain if the elder Walker will be back next year, and in what capacity, but for now, Kevan says he's still on board with UCLA.

"Right now, I'm still committed," said Walker. "I'm being positive about the whole situation. It was a difficult decision for them to let Coach Dorrell go and I honestly don't know who they're going to bring in."

Walker admitted he hopes that UCLA doesn't look too far in who they hire as the next head coach.

"I'd definitely like to see that because he's wanted to be a head coach for a long time," said Walker. "Even being the interim coach he's really happy."

And though there is the natural tie with his father being involved in the process, Walker said it was a relationship with another coach that is playing a big role.

"Coach E-Scott, that's a big part of my decision. Me and Coach E have a pretty strong relationship. I would go up there and talk with him all the time and with the decision of him staying or not, it could play a factor," said Walker.

Walker said his father isn't doing anything different in his recruitment, taking a more hands-off approach.

"He's still being a father and not a coach to me in this," said Walker. "He's not really trying to persuade me either way. If I still feel comfortable with UCLA than obviously I'll stay no matter what happens."

Given his connection to the coaching staff, Walker said several of UCLA's commits have been in contact with him in the last few days, trying to get a read on things.

"I talked to Cory Harkey and Donovan Carter and Antwon Moutra," said Walker. "For the most part, everyone is trying to wait and see. For me, it will be a big plus if he did get hired as the head coach because he's wanted it for a while. A lot of the guys are saying the same thing."

With the possibility that he could end up that his dad could end up elsewhere, Walker said he's still being recruited by other schools. "Arizona has been on my strongly and they're coming down to see me. I'll probably take an official visit there. But honestly, it's UCLA right now for me. The main focus for me is academics, not really recruiting."

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