Walker Talks After Saturday Practice

Interim Head Coach DeWayne Walker talked to the media after Saturday's practice, discussing the state of the team after a lay-off, the quarterbacks, his thoughts on the bowl opponent, BYU and more...

Defensive tackle Jess Ward missed practice with the stomach flu.

DeWayne Walker's comments:

How did you second day of practice go, coach?

"I thought it went pretty smooth. I've always been the type that I like to watch the tape first before I make a total decision but I was more concerned with just the tempo and guys moving around and I thought we looked pretty good today."

What did you think of your quarterbacks today?

"Right now, we're just working. It's all about the work right now. We'll know more as we prepare for the game."

How does Ben Olson look as far as his mobility?

"He looked good. He looked good. He looked good. Again, these guys have been off for a couple of days so we got to get sharp but again these guys are working hard."

What do you take away from the first time you played BYU and their passing game?

"It's funny you should say that because we watched the second half today, the DBs. What they did in the first half we pretty much stuffed them in the first half. Then they came out in the second half and made some real good adjustments. So we anticipate it, if we can stop the run again early, we anticipate that they'll try to do the same thing. Just real good solid coached football team."

How much better has their quarterback gotten?

"He's better. Yeah, I watched the San Diego State game. He's a great player. They've got a great system. They really know what they're doing. Just a solid football team."

When do you start game preps?

"Actually, the coaches will start -- I've already started -- and the coaches will start Monday. And then we'll start with the team on Friday."

What's the biggest difference between being the coordinator and the head coach?

"Just wearing two hats and I'm an energy guy so I'm trying to keep up with both hats. So far so good."

Have you talked to any of your former bosses about how to handle things?

"Not yet. I've always been the type to run through it myself and evaluate it and then if I have some questions, I'll make a phone call if I need to."

The guy across town give you a call or anything?

"No. We know some of the same people so he knows how to get word back to me, so I guess that's just as good."

So Pete didn't call and congratulate you on Tuesday?

"No, I wasn't anticipating that either."

Anything new on injuries?


Is today the day you want to address Brian Abraham?

"That'll be later. Let's give him some time to heal up."

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