Trip Recap: QB Nick Crissman

The quarterback committed to UCLA, Nick Crissman from Huntington Beach Edison, was always solid on his commitment to UCLA -- and he talks about the effort he's putting in to talking to the other committed recruits to keep the recruiting class together...

Huntington Beach (Calif.) Edison quarterback Nick Crissman said he remains solidly committed to UCLA, and after his visit to Westwood this past weekend, Crissman is hoping that plenty more of the recruits are on the same page as him.

"I've been trying to talk to all of the guys, and build relationships with them, and trying to keep them to go to UCLA," said Crissman. "I know with the coaching change, guys are skeptical but if we keep everyone together in this class, it's going to be a great group of guys. That's one of the things we talked about this weekend. I think a lot of guys realize just how good we all could be together if we all stay together."

Crissman was hosted by quarterback Pat Cowan on his visit. "I've known Pat from going to the school, going to practices and games," said Crissman. "He's a really cool guy. I met most of the players on the team I hadn't before and they are all really cool."

Prior to the visit, Crissman had gotten in contact with nearly all of the commits to UCLA since Dorrell was fired, imploring them to stay on board.

"I mostly called everyone or texted everyone to see how everything was going and how everyone was doing with the change," said Crissman. "It's all about building relationships. I told them to stick with it and that it will play out. Some of them were asking me where I stand. My thing was, when I chose UCLA, it was about UCLA. I've always really loved UCLA and I didn't choose it for a coach, I chose it for the school. A lot of guys realize that's why they committed."

Crissman obviously could be greatly affected by the new head coach, especially when it's thought that it could be an offensive-minded guy, like Norm Chow, or if DeWayne Walker is retained, a new offensive coordinator would be coming in.

"Obviously I'd like a coach to come in who wants to throw the ball," said Crissman. "I think the one I wouldn't want is a coach who wants to run the option. I'm not exactly an option quarterback. Whoever they bring in, I'll be happy to play for. I've heard Coach Chow's name and I think it would be awesome if Coach Chow got the job. I'd definitely be honored to play for someone like him. I'd be honored to play under Coach Walker. I really like Coach Walker a lot and I'd really like him as a coach. Whether Coach Walker or Coach Chow is it, I think it'll be a good situation."

Crissman never talked extensively with Karl Dorrell, or offensive coordinator Jay Norvell, about what he would do as a freshman, but he said it was likely he would redshirt. A new coach, however, could mean an opportunity to earn playing time, especially as a freshman.

"I think the plan was for me to redshirt but I never really had the chance to talk with them (Dorrell and Norvell) about it. I'd love to go in and compete for a starting job. I'd like to play but if they want me to sit out, I'd take the redshirt and try and get bigger. I'm just happy to have the opportunity," said Crissman.

Early in the season, Crissman had some health issues, suffering from the flu for an extended period then having an appendectomy. As the season wore on, though, he was feeling better. "I'm 100% now, and I'm working out, running to try and stay in shape," said Crissman. "I'm ready for the all-star game."

Crissman is one of five UCLA commits selected to the ESPN/Under Armour All-American Game in January with Anthony Dye, Uona Kaveinga, E.J. Woods and Jeff Locke. A one-time UCLA commit, Aundre Dean, is also playing, and Crissman is rooming with him.

"I'll be working that angle a lot," said Crissman. "That will definitely be happening."

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