Latest on the Coaching Search

Good sources are indicating that a candidate who was interviewed last week is scheduled to come in for another interview this week, and that there are more interviews planned. There was also a strong buzz around the athletic department Monday...

The Latest as of 1:30 p.m. Tuesday:

Rick Neuheisel is in transit coming to L.A. for a second interview today.

Neuheisel, too, is saying that bringing in Norm Chow as the OC is a real posssibility -- that Chow doesn't enjoy the NFL as much as college and wants to get back to the college ranks.

So, Neuheisel could be trying to sell a Neuheisel/Chow/Walker triumvirate.

As BRO reported Monday, Norm Chow is expected to be on campus early this week for a second interview.

According to sources, the Tennessee Titans offensive coordinator is scheduled to meet with UCLA representatives.

UCLA Athletic Director Dan Guerrero interviewed Chow last Saturday in Kansas City.

It's presumed that Chow will meet with UCLA Chancellor Gene Block.

Last week, Guerrero also interviewed Baltimore Ravens offensive coordinator Rick Neuheisel, and sources are saying Neuheisel was impressive in his interview.

There is a faction of UCLA boosters who are supportive of Neuheisel and pushing him to the UCLA athletic deparment. There are many within the program that feel UCLA would never hire Neuheisel, the former UCLA quarterback, because of his run-ins with the NCAA and a past of negative recruiting against UCLA when he was the head coach at Colorado and Washington.

Philadelphia Eagles assistant coach John Harbaugh, the brother of Stanford Head Coach Jim Harbaugh, was also inteviewed last week.

We haven't heard of any other initial interviews, but the informaton about the coaching search has generally been well-protected, so it wouldn't be surprising if more initial interviews had been conducted.

We haven't heard that there is a second interview on campus scheduled with Neuheisel or Harbaugh, and haven't heard about any first interviews scheduled specifically for other candidates.

A source did indicate that there were other interviews scheduled for this week. Whether those were first, second of their interviews with different candidates was uncertain.

Steve Mariucci, the former NFL and California Bears head coach, is considered a longshot at this point, but there are those close to the situation that believe the possibility of him coming to UCLA isn't completely dead yet.

We've also continued to hear that UTEP head coach Mike Price is still a possibility.

There were a number of sources that said there was a significant buzz around the athletic department today over a development concerning the coaching search. One source thought that a decision and announcement could take place by the end of this week.

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