Walker Meets With Neuheisel

Kevan Walker, the wide receiver/athlete committed to UCLA, who is the son of Defensive Coordinator DeWayne Walker, talked about the meeting on campus between a group of recruits and new Head Coach Rick Neuheisel Saturday...

Arcadia (Calif.) athlete Kevan Walker had an eventful week.

He first heard last Wednesday night that his father, DeWayne, was hired by Rick Neuheisel as UCLA's defensive coordinator. Then, on Saturday, Walker had a chance to meet Neuheisel for himself, going to UCLA's campus along with many other recruits committed to UCLA, and he came away impressed.

"I like him, he's a good dude," said Walker. "He has a strong plan for the UCLA program. I love what Coach Neuheisel is talking about. "

Walker, though, said he's still keeping his options open, and Oregon State is the primary school he's considering. "I'm torn in the middle right now with UCLA and Oregon State," said Walker. "I'm visiting Oregon State on the 18th and I'm going with my boy Anthony Dye. Then Arizona is the weekend after."

Walker said that one of the things he's considering is how close he's gotten to the committed UCLA players. "The one thing that's making me sway back and forth is that I'm very, very tight with the whole UCLA committed class. I'm also going to wait and see who will be my position coach and the offensive coordinator," said Walker.

Walker said he was also happy that his dad was brought back to the UCLA coaching staff, and not just for his own sake. "I was happy that my dad is staying," said Walker. "It didn't really affect me as to what my final decision would be because he's a defensive coach. But for the program and for the recruits, I'm happy he stayed."

Walker also said he's pretty confident that Neuheisel and his staff will have UCLA on an upward trend, and very soon. "UCLA will be in contention for the Rose Bowl within the next two years and possibly a national championship before we graduate," said Walker.

Walker did say he has one goal in the next couple of years, wherever he is. "My dream was always to burn my pop's defense for a touchdown, wherever I'm at," joked Walker.

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