Moore Talks About UNC Visit

Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey safety Rahim Moore, a UCLA commit, took an official visit to North Carolina this weekend and the trip to Chapel Hill made a huge impact on him, but is it enough to sway him East and away from the Bruins?

Los Angeles (Calif.) Dorsey safety Rahim Moore took his fourth official visit this past weekend, going out to North Carolina, and the trip to Chapel Hill blew him away.

"This was easily the best trip I've been on," said Moore. "I'm really looking at North Carolina a lot differently. They've been real honest with me. They've been on me for like a month and I've felt it. I talked a lot with Coach Butch Davis about what he's doing at North Carolina. The man has put 61 players in the draft. That dude knows what he's doing."

Moore said the trip to North Carolina has given him much to think about and the Tar Heels are in the mix for his services.

"It might sound funny, but if I didn't know anything about UCLA, I would have committed to North Carolina. I'm so used to UCLA and I'm so hooked on them though. It's all I pretty much know. With Coach E (Eric Scott) and Coach Walk (DeWayne Walker), I've always had that bond with them. If I never had that bond, I'd be at North Carolina. I told the coaches that I wanted to come here but I couldn't just leave UCLA like that."

On his visit, Moore was hosted by Trimane Goddard and Deunta Williams.

"Those guys were real cool. All the players I meant were real cool, and they were like a family. I really liked that about them.

Moore said he would take one more visit next weekend, to Arizona, and after receiving an offer from Texas, he may take an unofficial visit to Austin.

"I might go to Texas for an unofficial but I've been doing so much with the Army Bowl and coming out to North Carolina. That's a lot of traveling," said Moore.

Moore also said that he's focused on North Carolina and UCLA right now, so another visit may not help.

"I really liked North Carolina and the coaches there, but right now, I'm still 100% to UCLA," said Moore. "It doesn't really change. I haven't had a chance to meet Coach Neuheisel but I've talked with him. He called me when I was at the Army Game. He's real cool and he's a mastermind. I'm going to talk to Coach Walker when I get back and set something up with them."

Moore admitted that it would be tough to walk away from his now 10-month commitment to UCLA.

"UCLA is all I've pretty much known and I want to play with the boys. I can't leave my UCLA boys like that, like Aaron (Hester) or Jet-Ski (Johnathan Franklin). I hope the rest of the guys stick with it too," said Moore.

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