Big Week for the Staff, Recruiting

This week starts the beginning of a recruiting contact period for football, so there could be some developments in terms of the coaching staff and UCLA recruits, including the Bruins pursuing some new targets...

UCLA could make some announcement regarding its coaching staff today.

A recruiting contact period begins this week and Head Coach Rick Neuheisel might want to have more of his staff hired, particularly an offensive coordinator, to make in-home visits this week with recruits.

We're hearing that UCLA could be back in the mix for Zebrie Sanders, the offensive line prospect from Clayton (Ohio) Northmont. Reportedly, Georgia and Florida, the two frontrunners for him, both were out of scholarships for offensive linemen. UCLA, with Jonathan Martin decommitting and now headed to Stanford, needs offensive linemen and Sanders has maintained interest in UCLA despite the coaching change. It should be noted that Sanders did get an offer from Wisconsin, and Bob Palcic, who is UCLA's new offensive line coach, during the spring. UCLA could have Sanders in for an official visit in the next week or two.

The linebacker prospect committed to UCLA, Uona Kaveinga, called the UCLA staff over the weekend to tell them he's committing to BYU because of his faith.

UCLA is trying to get involved with a couple of defensive tackles but needs some transcripts to know whether they'd have a chance to get past UCLA admissions in order to take their recruitments to the next step.

A defensive back prospect from Southern Calfornia, who is uncommitted but being heavily recruited, could also see his recruitment pick up with the UCLA staff very soon.

Lastly, there is an elite national prospect who has expressed some interest in UCLA in the last week. While it would be a longshot, at the absolute best, the interest is there, however small it may be.

The coaches on staff are planning to start with in-home visits this week. The entire staff still might not be completed by this week.

In addition, we've heard the attitude among the coaching staff is, if other programs "are going after our commits, we'll go after theirs." So, once a majority of the staff is hired, you can expect UCLA to contact many recruits committed to other schools to gauge interest.

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