Q & A With Reeves Nelson

Following his 23-point, 20-rebound effort against Lexington Catholic Saturday evening, Reeves Nelson, who is ranked No. 30 overall, sat down with Scout.com to discuss his recent commitment to UCLA...

How did you come up with your decision to go to UCLA?
UCLA was the first team to recruit me and I'd never really sat down and actually thought about college, but a week or two ago me and my dad sat down and he asked me to really consider where I was going to go. I prayed about it and thought about it a lot and at the end of the day I thought UCLA was the best place for me.

How is your relationship with Coach Howland?
It's very good. The whole coaching staff is really nice – Coach Howland, Coach Daniels, Coach Garson and Coach Duncan they are all really nice. Every time I go down there I hang out with all of them and they are all good coaches and good guys.

Have you been to UCLA a bunch?
I've been there probably six or seven times. I've been to one game. I saw them play Texas this year when they lost. Whenever I practiced with the Pumps I always went by the campus. [The campus is] really pretty and they have pretty girls and I like Pauley Pavilion.

Reeves Nelson
Ultimately what did it come down to? Why UCLA?
What it really came down to was there wasn't a reason I wouldn't go to UCLA. Obviously they've been to back-to-back final fours and their tradition. I know Jrue [Holiday], Jerime [Anderson], Drew Gordon, Russell [Westbrook] and Kevin [Love] and I like all of those guys. It's close to home but it's still far enough away where I can feel like I'm in college. Then their system and stuff just fits my style of play.

Did the Wear twins recent commitment have any affect on your decision?
I always thought the Wear twins were going to go to UCLA to be honest with you, but they picked North Carolina it didn't really affect me or anything. I was really considering North Carolina, but they took three power forwards, so I guess it kind of affected it a little bit, but I wouldn't have gone there if I didn't think it was the right place.

How do you think you've played this season?
I think pretty good. At the beginning I kind of started slow, but I was still averaging like 20 and 10. But I wasn't playing as well as I could. The past five or six games I've been averaging 28 and 18.

Seems like you've focused on rebounding...
Coach Porter, my high school coach, always stresses rebounding. He always tells me that nobody in the country can rebound with me if I try and I'm starting to believe that.

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