More Young Prospects Emerge

West coast scout Greg Hicks has been out on the road again, and this time he checks out some more very promising youngsters, like soph guard Tyler Lamb, 6-10 junior post Anthony Stover, and 6-10 freshman center Kyle Caudill...

The past couple weeks have had plenty of interesting games in the Southern California area. In particular, the 2nd Annual Johnnie Cochran Classic was a terrific event, with a number of intriguing matchups and prospects. Kudos to event organizer Ernest Baskerville for putting together a quality event.

Here are my latest thoughts on some of the players I've seen recently.

Anthony Stover, 6-10 JR C La Canada (Calif.) Renaissance Academy. Stover has improved as much as any player in the west since July. He's grown an inch or so (and may still be growing), his upper body has started to fill out (legs are still skinny), he's more coordinated and he's becoming much more comfortable in his body. As a result, he's making plays that he couldn't make six months ago. Stover is a good passer (very nice feel) and an excellent shot blocker (extremely long arms). The plays he doesn't make now are mainly due to a lack of strength. As he matures, and adds weight/strength, Stover figures to be one of the top post prospects in the country. Add in the fact that Stover has a 3.7 GPA and you're looking at a player that will be highly sought after by schools across the country once everyone gets a look at him this spring and summer. Stover came to UCLA's camp last July and has been to a couple of UCLA games so far this season. The UCLA staff is on him, but haven't offered him yet.

Tyler Lamb, 6-4 SO SG/PG Ontario (Calif. ) Colony. Lamb is another player who has undergone a physical transformation in recent months. Lamb's body is much leaner that it was six months ago and his overall athleticism has improved as a result. He's a little bouncier now, as well as a little quicker. Lamb has always been very skilled, but I was particularly impressed by his passing ability the last time I saw him play. He's got very good vision, he's unselfish and he has a great feel for the game. He's had the reputation as a shooter since entering high school, but he's not stuck at the three-point line. He can put the ball on the floor and he showed a very nice post-up game a couple times. His ball skills, and approach, are such that he might play some point guard. Defending quicker point guards might be an issue, but he has the offensive skills to run the point. As of right now, he's the best 2010 guard prospect I've seen in the west.

6-10 freshman Kyle Caudill.
Kyle Caudill, 6-10 FR C Brea (Calif.) High. Caudill is a huge young post with a big body and some very impressive attributes. He's not real athletic at this time, but he's still just a baby and growing into his body. However, he's got very good hands, an excellent feel for the game, good fundamentals, a nice touch around the basket and the ability to pass out of the post. He's never going to be bouncy but, at a certain point, when you're that big and skilled it doesn't matter. He's going to be a load someday and people will have to double him in the post. He's made significant progress in the past year and it's amazing to think he's only a freshman. Once he gets in a weight-training program, his game will go to a whole different level. Caudill is unique – you just don't see many young big kids with his combination of size, skills and feel. Assuming continued development, Caudill should end up one of the elite posts in the class of 2011.

Kyle Fogg, 6-3 SR SG Brea (Calif.) High. Every year there are a few players who fall through the recruiting cracks, for whatever reason, and Fogg appears to be one of those guys. I caught his game last night and came away extremely impressed. Very good body, length, explosive athleticism, solid skills, shoots it to three, plays hard, makes good decisions – this guy is a very good prospect. I want to watch him some more but, off of one viewing, I'd say he can play at the high major level.

Chris Cunningham, 6-8 JR C Pomona (Calif.) Diamond Ranch. Cunningham has a good frame, long arms and a high skill level. He's effective around the basket, although there is some question about his ability to score against size. He's not real athletic, but his feel for the game and skill level should earn him considerable attention at the mid major level and possibly higher.

Deon Jackson, 6-3 SO SG San Diego (Calif.) Hoover. Live-bodied young wing with some bounce. Shot is playable and he has a chance to be a good defender. Needs to work on decisions, but he has considerable potential.

Terrence Ingram, 6-0 SO PG San Diego (Calif.) Hoover. Good-looking young guard with some quickness and ball skills. Shot needs to get better, but he has some upside.

Kevin Mulloy, 6-6 SO PF Oxnard (Calif.) High. Mulloy was sick the game I saw him play, so I didn't get to see him at his best. However, I like his frame, his length, his feel for the game and skill level. Ultimate level will depend on how his body goes, but he's an intriguing young post to watch in the future.

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