Knox Still In Holding Pattern

Van Nuys (Calif.) Birmingham running back Milton Knox, a soft commit to UCLA, is still considering Florida and Notre Dame while waiting to see who UCLA will bring in as a running backs coach before he finalizes his decision...

Van Nuys (Calif.) Birmingham running back Milton Knox didn't get to take his official visit with most of the other UCLA commits in December, since he was tripping to Florida, but Knox finally did visit Westwood officially this past weekend.

"It was a real good trip and was really cool," said Knox. "Brett Lockett was my host and I talked to a lot of the other guys. I've been there enough that I know a lot of the players already. I talked with the other commits and like Matt Barkley (from Mater Dei) and his cousin Robbie Boyer. They were cool. We saw Magic Johnson at the basketball game too."

Knox said he remains a soft commit to the Bruins, but he's not yet ready to make it a solid verbal.

"It narrowed it down to them a little bit more, but I'm still looking at three schools: UCLA, Notre Dame and Florida," said Knox.

Knox had already previously met the new UCLA head coach Rick Neuheisel two weeks ago, but got more one-on-one time with him this weekend.

"They were real cool and Coach Neuheisel is a nice dude. He's got a lot of energy. He's way opposite of Coach Dorrell. Its like a whole new different person. Coach Neuheisel is like ‘lets get it going, lets have fun."

Knox admitted that the lack of a running backs coach at UCLA is playing a role in his decision to put off solidifying his commitment.

"That's definitely some part of it," said Knox. "You want to make sure he's cool and you can have a relationship with him. So that's a big part of the delay. Coach (Reggie) Moore and Coach (Bob) Palcic are new, so I know they've got some new coaches coming in. But I want to meet the new running back coach. Coach Neuheisel said when our trip was done, he was still working because he has to get himself a running back coach."

Knox did say, though, that Neuheisel talked about what kind of offense he'd like to see UCLA run.

"He told me what kind of offenses we'll be running. It will be something like what he ran with Colorado and Washington but this time he'll have more weapons and receivers. It will be pro-style, but with everything included, like the shotgun, the spread. It just depends on what the situation is and what the defenses are giving," said Knox.

Knox said he'd likely be taking an official visit to Notre Dame on February 1st and doesn't anticipate receiving an offer until the visit. That would give him three days to make his final decision when he returns from South Bend.

"The Tuesday before Signing Day, or maybe on Signing Day, I'll have my final decision. But I'm starting to narrow it down (before)," said Knox.

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