UCLA Hires Chow as O Coordinator

UCLA's new head football coach, Rick Neuheisel, has completed another coup in his short time on the job -- hiring offensive guru Norm Chow as his offensive coordinator...

Norm Chow will be UCLA's offensive coordinator, according to reliable sources.

Chow, reportedly, accepted the overtures of Rick Neuheisel Sunday.

Chow, who was just let go as the offensive coordinator of the Tennesee Titans, is considered one of the premier offensive minds in football, both college and pro. The long-time coordinator at BYU during their offensive powerhouse days, Chow, while at USC, is credited with being the architect of the highly successful offenses that featured Heisman Trophy winners Carson Palmer, Matt Leinart and Reggie Bush.

Hiring Chow is another considerable accomplishment in just the short time that Neuheisel has been UCLA's head coach.

Neuheisel retained UCLA's successful and popular defensive coordinator, DeWayne Walker a few weeks ago. With both Chow and Walker having been candidates for the UCLA head coaching job, Neuheisel hiring Chow completes what many had been deeming "UCLA's Dream Team."

Neuheisel had been waiting for Chow to decide whether he wanted to take time off. He will be paid $2 million over the next two years as part of the buyout in his contract with the Titans, and he had commented that he might want to take a break from coaching.

Reportedly, one of Chow's motivations was to return to Southern California, where he has a home.

It's also known that Chow, who left Pete Carroll's staff at USC three years ago, wanted to be able to go up against Carroll once again.

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