Crissman Reacts to Chow Hiring

The quarterback from Huntington Beach (Calif.) Edison, Nick Crissman, who has held fast to his commitment to UCLA, talked about how excited he is to have Norm Chow as his future offensive coordinator, and what this means to the recruiting class...

When Nick Crissman heard the news on Sunday night that UCLA was hiring Norm Chow as the offensive coordinator, he was skeptical at first.

"I thought someone was messing with me," said Crissman.

But the Huntington Beach (Calif.) Edison quarterback, who's committed to the Bruins, later found out it was true, and couldn't hold back his excitement.

"I ran downstairs to tell my mom and my brother," said Crissman. "I'm really excited about it. I don't know how much I'll sleep."

Crissman was at the Air7 QBU Camp last March in San Marino, working out with several other top quarterbacks from the West. One of the guest speakers that day was Chow.

"I never thought I would be able to be coached by him one day," said Crissman. "And now he's going to be my offensive coordinator. It's pretty exciting."

After his official visit to UCLA in December, Crissman was trying to woo other recruits by saying that they could get Chow as the head coach. When Rick Neuheisel was hired, that eliminated Chow from the head coaching position, and Crissman instead focused on Neuheisel.

"I was really excited to be coached by Coach Neuheisel. And now I get the best of both worlds. Coach Neuheisel is putting together a dream team staff, with him, Coach Chow and Coach (DeWayne) Walker," said Crissman.

Crissman said that Neuheisel would be at his house for an in-home visit next week, and now he's hoping that he'll be flanked by Chow.

"I'm going to have to watch some old tapes to see his offenses. With Coach Neuheisel, you have that energetic coach who will get the most out of us. With Coach Chow, you have a great offensive mind," said Crissman.

And Crissman said knowing that Chow is coming to Westwood means he'll have to continue wooing those same offensive players. "I'll be telling them all to stay on board, this offense will be good," said Crissman.

Future teammate Patrick Larimore said he heard the news from Crissman on Sunday night. "Nick texted me to tell me that Chow had gotten hired. He was pretty jacked about it," said Larimore.

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