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The 6-10 junior prospect, Anthony Stover, from La Canada (Calif.) Renaissance, who has really improved since last summer and is one of the most promising big men in the west, is seen here in clips from his game last night...

Anthony Stover, the 6-10 junior post from La Canada (Calif.) Renaissance, has really improved since last summer and is starting to get some serious recruiting attention.

UCLA assistant coach Scott Duncan and two USC assistants were in attendance at Renaissance's tiny gym last night to watch him play against Brentwood.

Stover is now about 6-10 now and still pretty skinny.

But what's really promising is how he's changed physically since last summer. He's definitely gotten thicker. He's probably also grown an inch, and his shoulders have widened out, and he has very long arms.

He still has a body that isn't quite proportional yet -- with his legs too long for his torso -- which is a sign he probably has more growing and filling out to do.

As a scout, this is all the stuff you really look for in terms of upside for a young post player.

Skills-wise, Stover has definitely improved. He has a good face-up jumper that's pretty consistent. He definitely is smart and knows how to play, passing out of the post well.

Defensively, he's a very good shot blocker and has gotten better as a post defender as he's gotten bigger and stronger. He's by far more physical than he was last summer.

Remember, he has a year and a half before he enrolls in college, which is a long ways -- and a lot of development -- ahead of him.

He's also a very intelligent, nice kid, too, and a good student (3.7 GPA), as we've reported.

If you're talking about being a "fit" for UCLA, he would be it it.

UCLA, to date, hasn't offered. Usually, Ben Howland has to see a prospect in person before UCLA offers and, to our knowledge, Howland hasn't been out to see him yet. We believe Howland has plans to see Stover -- as well as 6-9 seniaor post Krys Faber from Los Angeles (Calif.) Ribet, in the next couple of weeks.

Things might need to happen more quickly with Faber, since he's a 2008 prospect and the signing day for him is in April. We've heard his academics aren't fantastic, but perhaps doable for UCLA.

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