Does UCLA Have a Chance with Scott?

UCLA Head Coach Rick Neuheisel is making a late run at the #1 running back prospect in the country, Ventura St. Bonaventure's Darrell Scott. Do the Bruins and Neuheisel have a chance, and can he get admitted to UCLA academically?

UCLA is now seriously recruiting the #1 running back in the country, Darrell Scott from Ventura (Calif.) St. Bonaventure.

UCLA Head Coach Rick Neuheisel and assistant coaches Bob Palcic and DeWayne Walker had an in-home visit with Scott and his mother Tuesday.

The Bruins, according to sources, now are players for Scott, who is also the #4-ranked player nationally in the class of 2008.

Scott, reportedly, has been leaning heavily to Texas in recent weeks. It had been thought, before then, that he was favoring Colorado, since his uncle, a receiver, Josh Smith, is a Buffalo freshman.

Scott has visited both Texas and Colorado officially, and it was believed it was down to those two schools.

At one time, both LSU and Florida were thought to be among his leaders also.

UCLA, however, has always been of interest to Scott and his family. It was learned that Scott's main issue with UCLA was the fact he wasn't "feeling" the previous UCLA coaching staff and its offensive scheme.

But now, with Neuheisel as head coach and Norm Chow as UCLA's offensive coordinator, that has changed. It's known that Scott, and particularly his mother, would also prefer he stay close to home.

One sticking point has been Scott's academics. It's known that he would have to improve his academic profile to get approved by UCLA admissions. It's also thought that Neuheisel might have a little more flexibility with his first recruiting class, just as his predecessor, Karl Dorrell, did with the first class he signed at UCLA. If so, a huge benefit of that, a source indicated, could be Neuheisel being able to get Scott admitted. But it's still believed that it's unlikely Scott would get past UCLA admissions.

Scott is a freakish prospect, at 6-1 and 205 pounds, and able to run a 4.32 40, which he did at last year's Combine in Los Angeles.

Here is an update from Brandon Huffman regarding Scott's visit with the UCLA coaches.

Texas and Colorado are still the favorites to land Scott, but UCLA, who recruited Scott heavily for much of the year, only to drop off during the end of Karl Dorrell's regime, is making a late run.

"Coach (Rick) Neuheisel came to the school with his offensive line coach Bob Palcic, and the defensive coordinator DeWayne Walker," said St. Bonaventure recruiting coordinator Roger Sonsini. "They all dropped their jaws with his highlight tape. They're going run a similar style offense to what we run at St. Bonaventure. Coach Neuheisel is very interested in him. I think it may be too late in the recruiting season for UCLA though."

Sonsini said that Scott is considering the slight possibility of taking an official visit to UCLA, but it's uncertain how serious he is about that.

"He is thinking about it and revisiting UCLA, but there is really nothing he needs to see about UCLA. He's seen the games, he's seen the campus and is very familiar with UCLA. At this point, he's made no official plans," said Sonsini.

Brandon Huffman did an update on Scott after the UCLA in-home visit: Update on Scott

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