Olson: "No Pain"

The true freshman quarterback, Drew Olson, who was out with a separated shoulder, watched another true freshman, Matt Moore, start last week's game. Olson is trying to get back up to speed this week...

Drew Olson took a few questions yesterday at practice.

How did it feel today (Monday) in practice?

"It's good to get back, really good. It feels really good, with no pain. So I'll just go from there."

Have the coaches indicated to you how much playing time they expect you to get in the game this week?

"We haven't talked about it. I just have to get back in practice and see how it feels."

Is there any limitation from the injury?

"Right now, the question is just taking a hit on it. We won't be able to see until it happens. Or what will happen if I land on it. But throwing-wise, I think I'll be fine."

Was it frustrating to watch Matt Moore play Saturday?

"It was frustrating, but it was awesome seeing Matt out there doing a good job and leading the team to a good win, which we needed. It was encouraging to see that. You always want to be out on the field but when you're not you just have to give the best to whoever is."

When were you physically cleared to play?

"It really was Saturday before the game."

How was practice today (Monday)?

"It was allright. Even not throwing for a week, when you come back you're a little rusty. So it was good to get some of the cobwebs out today. It was good to getting back and throwing hard, with some velocity."

Do you think they'll open up the playbook a little more this week compared to last?

"Last week, we put in some stuff, a little more protection than we were throughout the year. We just had it nice and simple last week, as we should have. To help Matt succeed and help the team succeed. I hope that we will open it up a little more this week, and put in some more plays that allows us to open it up, and I think that will be good for our offense."

Having some experience playing this year on the road, do you think that helps in preparing you for playing in Husky Stadium?

"I've just heard about it, being a loud, great atmosphere. I haven't started a game, so I don't know what it's really like. I'm just going to approach it that I have to study harder, put in a little more study time to it, and go out there and play and not really think differently about it."

Did you learn some things watching Matt play this week that you might not have watching Cory Paus?

"Not really. I think the offense is totally different. Cory is in his fifth year, and Matt's a true freshman. We learned a lot from Cory, and how to handle things, in certain situations and pressure situations."

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