Moore Talks About First Start

The true freshman quarterback, Matt Moore, talks about his first career start, and how he wants to improve in time for this Saturday against Washington...

This interview with Matt Moore took place on Monday.

How did this game help you with your confidence?

"I feel this game definitely boosted my confidence. It helped me a lot. It got me in with the starting line and receivers. I feel good right now."

What do you anticipate it will be like playing in a loud environment like Husky Stadium?

"I've never been there, but I've heard that being there, at Washington, it's really loud. I think it will be a lot different. But whoever's going to play, none of us have ever played away at a place like Washington. In the situation that we're in, having to get another win. I think it will be very different."

What do you want to focus on in game preparation this week?

"Eliminating little mistakes. Because on the road, like one failed snap, or a miscommunication, could really hurt you. So, we need to focus on staying together on the field, and that goes with communication. I think that's pretty big."

Did you feel comfortable making checks?

"I think I only made like three or four checks. We didn't have any audibles. We didn't really have a lot in the beginning. But as the game went on, I think Coach Toledo felt more comfortable doing it. And that's cool. I just went out there and checked when I had to, and went from there."

Have you felt an indication that they might open up the offense more this week?

"I think they'll open it up a little more. Even though we scored 28 points on such a simple offense, I think the coaches would like to open it up a little bit, because there's so much more that we can do. But I think there's going to be a little more to take on, and I think that all of the quarterbacks are up to that task. We know it, but after a week of practice, we'll know it well enough to perform it in a game."

Did you want to air it out more in the Stanford game?

:I know we threw like 19 times. When you get the ‘W' it really doesn't matter. Run or pass. The numbers I saw were pretty even, run and pass, yardage-wise. I thought the play-calling that Coach Toledo did was pretty good."

Were you nervous?

"In the locker room before the game, I was pretty nervous. But I got out there and took a snap and still I was excited. More excited than nervous. Then I got hit – twice. And that kind of just shook everything out of me. Then the second time I was allright. After that it got easier. Getting hit, everybody says, that will do it for you. ‘Just wait until you get hit.' I got hit, and it was fine from there. It brought back how it was in high schoo."

How did you feel about the long throw to Tab Perry?

"That was pretty exciting for me. I think it was a one-man route. Tab Perry got behind the cornerback, and I just laid it up. But it was nice getting a gain like that. It was a big advantage on the defense. It's like, now we have this threat. I was excited to complete that pass. Got to the five and got a field goal out of it."

Would you like to throw deeper, air it out, more often?

"I'm not going to disagree with Coach Toledo on how he calls plays. But every quarterback wants to air it out. I think as the game went on I overthrew a bunch of guys. A lot of guys. I don't know if that was in Coach Toledo's mind. Like I said before, when you come out with a win, 28-18, played how we played, I don't think it matters. Deep or short, whatever. I think I was nervous, overthrowing the ball. My numbers weren't very good. I just wasn't hitting the guys. I was hitting them all week in practice. And then the game comes and I should hit them."

Did any hit really shake you up?

"I only got hit three or four times. But the one on the screen to Tyler Ebell. It wasn't the hit, but I hit the ground. And I kind of just laid there for a second. I was like, ‘Wow.' Then I got up. That one kind of shook me up. But after that it was fine. I don't know who it was that hit me. I think the DB. But it was different."

Do you think you need to throw deep against a defense like Washington, which is good against the run, so they won't key so much on your running game?

"Even without throwing deep we did some things that opened it up for Tyler. The screen really holds the defense back. They can't come. They can't bring seven guys or we'll drop it right in behind them. With them back, with the way Tyler runs, he showed what he could do. But even the deep ball opened up the game for Tyler."

Were you ever unsure as to what you were doing, like in reading the defense?

"Actually it was pretty nice because everything we went through in practice, formations, all the checks, was what I saw. I don't know if I've missed a formation yet. Everything I saw out there I saw on film. It was pretty easy."

Did you ever throw to a secondary receiver?

"No. I probably should have sometimes I think. There were a couple of times when I got back to my fifth step and just threw. I threw a couple to Bragg that I think I had more time to wait, and hit the secondary receiver, which I should have done."

Why didn't you, do you think?

"In practice, you can think more. You can say, ‘He's not there,' and then hit a secondary receiver. But in the game I felt not pressured, but that the clock was going off in my head. I think that's another thing that will come with time. The timing with receivers, and knowing how much time I actually have behind the line in a game. That will come I think."

When you were down 15-0, it didn't seem like anyone, the coaches, were panicking on the sideline. Was that good for you?

"It was comforting. In a game like this, down 15-0, people tend to lose it sometimes. But everyone was encouraging. ‘Keep it up, keep it up, let's go, let's go.' No one was really flipping out. And then we kept our composure."

What's the coldest weather you've ever played in?

"I think it was last year in a CIF game. I don't know how cold it was. Actually when I was ten I played in the snow. We played in the youth Super Bowl in the snow. It was up in Tehatchapi. We were just about the only team in youth football to pass. I was the quarterback."

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