Younger Forcier Has 12 Offers

Tate Forcier, the younger brother of current freshman quarterback Chris Forcier, already has 12 scholarship offers from programs around the country. The San Diego (Calif.) Scripps Ranch quarterback talks about his recruitment...

In a loaded year for quarterbacks out west, San Diego (Calif.) Scripps Ranch quarterback Tate Forcier (6-1, 195, 4.56) is one of the most hotly pursued.

Already, the cannon-armed Forcier is at a dozen scholarship offers.

Forcier talked about how he had a big day of offers recently: "LSU offered me on Thursday. I just talked to them on the phone when I got an email from Kansas, and Coach Brandon Blaney. So I called Kansas and he asked ‘What's it take for you to become a Jayhawk?' He said I reminded him a lot of (current KU quarterback) Todd Reising. That I'm so athletic and he would love to get me in that offense. So, like five minutes after that, I get an e-mail from Coach (Mike) Gundy at Oklahoma State to give him a call. He said there was no doubt about it, they we're giving me an offer, that I was durable and athletic."

The flurry of offers last week seems to be the norm for Forcier. In late December, he hit a trifecta when Penn State, Oregon and Auburn all offered him. The week of Signing Day, Virginia and Maryland also offered him.

With a dozen offers under his belt, Forcier said he's having a hard time narrowing his choices down. "I love all of the schools and I'm trying to get a chance to see all of them. I'm supposed to hear from Michigan State, Virginia Tech, South Florida, Missouri and Oregon State, too. At this point, I'm so completely wide open that I don't want to list just a few schools, because I want everyone to know I'm interested in them," said Forcier.

Still, Forcier did acknowledge that two schools have stood out to him: "I like Oregon, but I still have to take a visit up there. I talked to Coach (Chip) Kelly and he said I could walk right in and play. They didn't take a quarterback and they want a guy who could come in and go. The fans are absolutely crazy. And Penn State, I like them quite a bit. I went out for the Ohio State game and that was one heck of an atmosphere. Just visiting out there, I met with Coach Joe Paterno. It's something about the tradition that just reels me in."

During the summer, Forcier camped at Penn State and received positive feedback from the coaching staff: "I threw a few passes and Coach Jay Paterno said, ‘Wow, you have one heck of an arm. You're smooth, your mechanics are really fluid.' He said there weren't a lot of corrections I needed to make and he couldn't really find anything wrong with my drops and release. That's what attracted them instantly. It was so amazing, Joe Paterno is a legend. It was pretty cool, getting to meet with all of them. That's what kind of got me into them. I felt really comfortable."

His older brothers, Chris and Jason, both are in the Pac-10, Chris at UCLA and Jason at Stanford. The Cardinal offered Forcier last spring, the first school to offer him, but UCLA hasn't. Still, he's very interested in both schools.

"With UCLA, I like Coach Neuheisel a lot," Forcier said. "He seems like a real energetic guy. We met with Coach (Norm) Chow, and he knows what he's talking about. That's going to be one heck of a staff. You want to go to a school with good NFL connections. But they haven't offered me. They've seen my highlight tape. Coach Neuhesiel said to let it play out, though, and not make a decision until they've made theirs. I'd love to go play with my brothers either at UCLA or Stanford so I'm waiting to see how those go."

If Stanford or UCLA aren't where he ends up, he still wouldn't mind playing in the Pac-10. "That's something I definitely have thought about," he said. "Getting a chance to play against Jason at Stanford or Chris at UCLA, that would be awesome and be hilarious. I'd look forward to beating up on my older brothers. Oregon is definitely a choice in the Pac-10. They've been recruiting me hard. They want me to come right in and be ready. I told Coach Kelly that my goal is to graduate in the spring. So I'll definitely think about it. Going back eas, too, though, that isn't that going to be a factor that would affect me. I'm going to go where I have the best chance to be a player."

Michigan was where Jason originally signed before he left and transferred to Stanford. But Tate said his experience there won't affect his decision. "Honestly, I'm really interested in them. People said, ‘I don't think he'll like it because Jason left,' but Jason is actually encouraging me to go out there. I think that program is going to be up there on the rise. Once the (Terrelle) Pryor decision is over, Michigan is going to be in it. How could it not be, with that spread offense? I know the area is nice out there, too."

In fact, the spread offense has been something that Forcier has enjoyed playing in, and he wouldn't mind continuing his career running that offense. "I prefer the spread, because that's my offense, that's how I play. What if there is somewhere else where they have a great coaching staff and a great shot to play everyday and great academics? You have to have more options than the spread offense. I would like to have the spread, but if I don't have it, everything is going to work out."

Having both brothers go through the recruiting process has giving Tate a inside perspective on the many aspects of recruiting. He said: "Usually after every time I talk to a coach , immediately I call Chris or Jason and I tell them everything a coach has said. They told me what I should think and how I should I respond to that. They both help me as much as they can. That's one advantage that I have. But something I'm prepared to do is ask the main questions. Jason went through the process, Chris went through process. When Jason went through it, I was a little guy so I didn't pay as much attention to it like I did with Chris. When it comes to my final decision, they'll help me make the best decision. They know what I'm looking for."

The competition in the Forcier household has been strong for years. "We're all competitive," said Forcier. "We all think we're better at this, we're better at that, but we all help each other. Jason was one heck of a player, Chris was at another level. But to follow their footsteps, they set the standards high. It's going to take a lot to get where they're at. A lot of people say I run like Chris and throw like Jason. Chris is the more athletic quarterback. Jason has so much heart, he believes he can beat a team by himself. It helps being around them. I can scramble, I can roll out. It helps having all of those weapons."

Forcier has targeted late spring as when he wants to make his college choice. "I want to make my decision during spring break and during spring ball take as many unofficial visits as I can," he said. "I'm going to visit as many as I can. That is my goal, to make my decision. But if that doesn't work, you play the process out. You don't want to hurry in your decision. And that is something that Jason is telling me. That is something my brothers have told me, don't rush anything. At the same time, if I see something I'm really interested in, I'll commit."

A life-long passion for the game has made the recruiting process even more enjoyable for Forcier. He said: "I didn't even feel like I had an offer. I was only a sophomore when I got my first two offers, from Stanford and Arizona. My junior year, I was ready to light it up this season. My goal is to be number one. I was excited to play my junior season. It was exciting, the more offers you get, the more it wants to make you work harder. It's helping me make such a strong work ethic. It gives me more options, it makes me more excited for my senior year. I love the sport. I've loved it since I was a little kid."

Forcier finished the 2007 season leading San Diego in all-purpose yards and was a First Team all-League pick and all-San Diego County selection.

He rushed for 733 yards on 66 attempts and had six touchdowns. He passed for 2,387 yards and 21 touchdowns with only five picks, for a 77% completion rate (164-for-213), which led San Diego County.

Academically, Forcier is carrying a 3.3 GPA. "My goal is to be at a 3.5 and I want to say that I was eligible at every school that offered me. To me, football is second. The first thing coaches ask me is how are you grades. And I'm continuing to work on that," Forcier said.

This spring, Forcier will be hitting a number of camps and combines, including the Combine in Los Angeles, where he was named the top quarterback in a deep field of passers as a sophomore, and where his brother Chris was named top quarterback the year before.

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